Parent Letter Year 2 Term 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the second half of the Summer Term! Below are some details of what we will be covering this term. Our main topic this term is going to be the Tudors. We will learn about who they were, how they came into power and what life was like for different people during this time. Miss B, our student teacher, will finish her placement before the end of term and will be doing lots of the teaching up until then.

Literacy: This term we will start by exploring Shakespeare’s plays, albeit in a simplified form. We will look at the ‘Song of the Witches’ from Macbeth before having a go at writing our own potion poems. Later on, we will study a biography of William Shakespeare, looking at the key features before again, having a go at writing one ourselves. As always, there will be a focus on sentence structure and punctuation and we will also be learning other year 2 SPAG rules.  Spelling will continue with a focus more on rules and patterns.

Numeracy: Developing our key skills already gained; this term we will look at statistics, time, geometry including position and direction and refreshing our knowledge and methods of how to use the four operations.

Science: This term we will be looking at living things and their habitats, with a focus on gardens and growing things.  We will also be briefly learning about farming and food chains and how energy is transferred.

Art & D.T: We will learn sketching techniques and use these skills to complete Tudor portraits. We will study the symbolism these portraits contain. We will explore the clothes worn by Tudors and create contrasting outfits worn by the rich and poor. We will use clay to make our own Tudor style pots.

R.E: Our focus will be on Judaism. We will learn about Jewish beliefs, where and how Jews might pray and Jewish celebrations.

P.E: Will be on Mondays and Fridays. This term we will be practising our athletic skills.

Topic: This term will be all about the Tudors. We will learn all about who the Tudors were, how they came to power and study the Tudor family tree. We will learn about what life was like in Tudor times for rich and poor adults and children. We will learn some shocking facts about Tudor crime and punishment and also learn about what they did for entertainment.

Computing: Will continue to be taught by Mr O’Neon on Fridays, though we may visit the computer suite or use ipads at other times during the week.  

PHSE: (Personal, Social, and Health education) The focus will be on ‘Changing Me’.

Homework:  A Tudor homework grid will be given out this term to enhance our in class learning and activities. Children are free to choose the activities they wish to complete or any other great ideas they might have that are not on the grid! Daily reading and times table practise will also really help your child develop and progress.


Please make sure children have a PE kit in school at all times, our PE days are usually Mondays and Fridays but often we have events on other days.

The summer term is very busy and full of fun activities, we are grateful for your patience and support during this eventful but fun term!

As a final plea, please can ALL uniform be clearly labelled.

This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this term. Our main aim as well as working is to love learning and have lots of fun.

Thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Honzik


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