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Tiki Time with Yr.4

Some children in Yr.4 who choose to spend a lot of time with Tiki in their own lunch and break times got a special treat yesterday afternoon.  They worked to train Tiki in agility and tricks and had a lot of fun together. This is shown in the video and photos below.  We have some Continue reading

Bottle Rockets and Exploding Bags

To finish our topic on reversible and irreversible reactions Yr.6 braved the rain and headed to the playground.  There they used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create chemical, irreversible reactions.  Firstly they used sandwich bags to contain the carbon dioxide produced in the chemical reaction.  This caused the bag to blow up really tightly Continue reading

Cross Country in Yr.6

Yesterday, during their trip to Radnor Park Yr.6 took part in the virtual schools cross country competition.  They all ran 1600m, this is an amazing achievement in itself, everyone completed the course and showed great perseverance and tenacity.   Well done Yr.6! Here are our top four boys and top four girls. 1st Oliver, 2nd Taylor, Continue reading

Bath Bombs and OObleck

This morning Yr.6 continued their topic about reversible and irreversible reactions.  They carefully measured out and combined ingredients to make bath bombs and formed them into shaped moulds.  They used scents and colours to make them look pretty and will enjoy using them in their baths. We then had a lot of fun with oobleck, Continue reading

20+ Tricks Involving a Cone!

For Oliver’s latest challenge with Tiki he had to do 20 tricks involving one prop.  Tiki and Oliver managed to think of 28 things they could do with a cone!  This meant they passed this challenge with flying colours and received a special ribbon and certificate.  Well done Oliver and Tiki, you are a good Continue reading

Acids and Alkalis

This morning Yr.6 looked at acids and alkalis.  They looked at the pH scale which ranges from 1-14.  Yr.6 realised that there are lots of acids and alkalis in their houses.  These range from shampoos and cleaners to foods and medicines.  We found out that there are lots of substances that indicate whether substances are Continue reading

Beach Buddy Day

For the first time since COVID we were able to link with our buddies.  The buddies have really missed spending time together.  First, we headed to Sunny Sands where we dug holes, built sand castles, played football, collected water, played with Tiki and had so much fun together.  As the tide came in we had Continue reading

Yr.6 do the Skywalk!

Today was a great day for Yr.6. They headed to Folkestone Sports Centre to take part in the new Skywalk obstacle course. Everyone was really brave with many children overcoming their fears and managing the really high course! There were several elements including zip wires and wobbly bridges. As you can see from the photos Continue reading

Burning to Create Chemical Changes

Yr.6 continued their topic on irreversible and reversible reactions this morning by burning stamp sized pieces of material in a candle flame.  they were really sensible and found that all the changes were irreversible and chemical reactions.  As you can see from the photos some of the reactions were pretty awe inspiring! They had great Continue reading

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