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Yr.6 have been looking at yeast in their microorganisms topic.  We were lucky enough to have a donation from Lubens of Sourdough starter and instructions as to how to use it.   We experimented with this fresh yeast and found that we needed to feed it regularly for it to respire.  We also carried out the Continue reading

Experimenting with Yeast

Last week Yr.6 found out that yeast was a living thing.  today, they worked to find out what conditions yeast thrived in.  They experimented with different combinations of sugar, warm water and cold water.   The yeast respired the most with a combination of warmth, moisture and sugar.  We then used our findings to cause the Continue reading

Tiki Club

So far children at Tiki club have learnt how to get her to jump, go through tunnels, go under arches, through hoops and over a bridge.  They have also worked on her obedience including recalls, touch, paw, sit, down, wait and come commands.  We have some brilliant dog trainers in our midst!

Windy Cycle Ride

Yesterday , Yr.6 cycling club braved the weather and headed out along the seafront even though the wind was so strong! They were amazing cyclists, thankfully the wind was against us going which made for a very speedy ride home! We still managed 7 1/2 miles. Well done everyone!

Worship at Church

This morning we had our first service in church for the Yr.6 bubble led by Reverend Dr. John Walker. We headed to The St Eanswythe chapel and thought about compassion using a large painting of St Eanswythe handing out food to the poor as inspiration. We considered how we can show compassion to others in Continue reading

Making Bread!

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 have found out that all living things do seven things: move, respire, sense, grow, reproduce, excrete and have nutrition.   They activated dried yeast by giving it warmth and moisture when making bread.  They found the yeast respired, giving the bread its light and fluffy texture with air Continue reading

7 1/2 Mile Bike Ride

Yesterday, Yr.6 cycling club headed out along the seafront for a bike ride.  It was lovely weather and we all had a great time.  Everyone rode brilliantly and they were really sensible around all the other members of the public on the promenade.  We managed 7 1/2 miles and even had time to stop for Continue reading

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