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Electrical Circuits

Yr.6 started their electricity topic by creating circuits containing bulbs, buzzers and motors.  They then learnt how to represent these components as symbols and transformed their drawings into circuit diagrams.

Rounders at Radnor Park

Yr.6 took advantage of the sunny weather and headed to Radnor Park to do PE.  We took advantage of the new running track and rounders pitch that have been marked out there.  Oliver won the boys’ race and Brooke the girls’ one.  however, everyone ran amazingly well and completed the track. We then practiced our Continue reading

Microorganisms and UV Light!

As part of their science topic about microorgansims Yr.6 looked at the importance of washing hands to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.  We looked at the rhinovirus and coronovirus. We used glitter paint and a special gel, which was invisible to the naked eye but showed up under UV light, to look at Continue reading

Worship – Week 1

This week in worship Yr.6 have been looking at Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.  We looked at how walls need a firm foundation and how Nehamiah reminded his team of God’s rules for living well – the ten commandments before they started building.   We likened this rebuilding to the rebuilding of our school after Continue reading

New Ducklings

We are looking forward to welcoming the new Ducklings into our school from next week.  They have already had some stay and play sessions with their buddies from Yr.5.  We were impressed by them all being amazingly well behaved and very confident.  The Yr.5 buddies were amazing with their new friends.  As you can see Continue reading

Yr.6 Autumn 1

Dear Parent/Carer, During the Autumn term, year 6 will be covering the following topics: Numeracy:  Place value, ordering and rounding, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and percentages and measure. Literacy:    Myths and legends, fiction, explanatory texts and reading comprehension techniques Science:      Micro-organisms:  What micro-organisms are; how micro-organisms can be both helpful and harmful Continue reading

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