Miss Philpott

Owls Recreate Assembles’s Skateable Sculpture – Skating Situations

For our independent learning this term, Owls were given the challenge to explore Folkestone Triennial. After taking a walk along the harbour, Owls agreed to base their learning on Skating Situations, a skateable sculpture by Assemble. First Owls watched videos of local skaters skating the sculpture. Then they designed their very own skateable sculpture piece. Continue reading

Spanish Club

In Spanish club we always have lots of fun by playing games whilst we learn. One of our favorite games is similar to musical bumps. In this game the children dance to music and when the music stops, they must find the correct colour, number or whatever else we are learning. Check out the videos Continue reading

Tobogganing Fun in Year One!

As you can see from our photos, Owls (and the adults) had an amazing time tobogganing today! After we ate our packed lunches at Radnor Park and then had a little play in the park with Eagles class. We finished the day off with a movie and doughnuts.

Comparing Numbers

Over the past two weeks, Owls have been thinking carefully about comparing numbers in Maths. The children were introduced to 3 important signs to compare numbers and objects, greater than, less than and equals. Yesterday the children worked in teams to order objects from either the smallest number to the greatest number or the greatest Continue reading

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