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Embracing Our Differences

Today in PSHE, we discussed an important topic about being different, with a focus on physical differences. We talked about the ways we are different from one another, including, eye colour, skin colour and hair colour. After we all spoke about whether it is okay to still be friends with someone even though they are Continue reading

Year 1 Tour France

In Geography this term we are learning all about different places in the world. We have been focusing on where we live and we now know four different ways to describe where we live: our planet, Earth; our continent, Europe; our country, England and our town, Folkestone. The children played a game of four corners Continue reading

Ducklings and KS1 French Morning: Christmas Edition!

This morning we all had a lovely fun morning celebrating Christmas whilst also learning some French! In Ducklings the children made Christmas cards using the French greeting of Joyeux Noel! In Year 1 the children learnt about a special Christmas French tradition of leaving shoes by the fireplace instead of stockings! They also learnt that Continue reading

Y1 and Y6 Buddy Afternoon

On Wednesday the children met up with their buddies to celebrate Christmas together by engaging in lots of crafty activities. The Year 6s were very polite and caring towards their buddies and helped them complete a range of activities. The activities consisted of baubles, salt dough, wordsearches, Christmas cards and designing a Christmas jumper.

Absorbent Materials

In Science the children tested out the absorbency of five different tissues. They used special equipment consisting of plastic cups, rubber bands and pipettes! In pairs they tested the absorbency by seeing if the tissue could hold 20 drops of water, if it did they gave it a big tick!

Waterproof Materials in Year 1

This week in Science we have been learning about waterproof and non-waterproof materials. Owls needed to help daddy bear get across the river to his family by finding out which materials are waterproof. Before they began their investigation, they each predicted which material they thought would be the best and which would be the the Continue reading

Counting Fun in Year One

Today in Maths, Owls worked practically to count on. They practised counting on by using a range of manipulatives including; their fingers, beads, numicon and number lines. The range of methods practised allowed them to work out different addition questions. The children also confidently formed their own number sentences using the addition sign and equal Continue reading

Sikhi Week

This week we have been engaging in a Sikhi themed week and have been learning all about the religion of Sikhism. On Tuesday we learnt about gurdwara and the special flag which is found outside of the gurdwara. The children created their own flag and drew the Khanda symbol on their flag. Today the children Continue reading

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