Miss Philpott

Sense of Taste

Last week we had a chance to explore our sense of taste in Science. In Owls we know that we use our mouth and tongue to taste different flavours. The children discussed their favourite tastes and their least favourite tastes. Afterwards they were blindfolded and guessed a number of different foods. 

Calculating Calculations!

This week we have been learning how to compare numbers and we have been using the terms ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’. Today in Maths, Owls used calculators to solve addition questions and compared their answers with another number. The children enjoyed using calculators for the first time and worked very hard.


Today Owls were sent a breaking news message asking them to investigate a crash site on the playground immediately. The children were very eager to go and investigate and took their imaginary binoculars with them to help them look for clues! We found the crash site in the Ducklings outside area, there was a spaceship, Continue reading

Ducklings Spend the Afternoon in Owls

Today Ducklings spent the afternoon in their new classroom with Miss Philpott, Miss Hayward and Mrs Reeve. The children listened to the story “Owl Babies” and discussed how the owl babies may have felt during different parts of the story. After they had an owl themed choosing where they could use saltdough to mould an Continue reading

Owls Sail the Sea

Today Owls had a lovely boat trip around Folkestone harbour. Neal the Skipper gave us an interesting tour, telling us lots of facts and information about Folkestone’s coastal history. The children were very excited and enjoyed riding the waves and looking at the view. While the children waited for their turn they had a play Continue reading

Folkestone Fishing Museum

As part of our learning on the history of Folkestone fishing, Owls visited the Folkestone fishing museum. The children walked around the museum and looked at different artefacts. Afterwards they were able to pose questions to two local fishermen. We found out that they have been fishing during storms, caught hundreds of fish and that Continue reading

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