Mrs Cadwallader

Welcome to Year 3!

Dear Parent/Carer, Welcome to Year 3! We are looking forward to an exciting year, starting with our busy Autumn Term which sees us learning all about the Romans, Rocks and Soils and the beliefs of Judaism amongst many other things. Our topic this term is The Romans and we will learn lots about this important Continue reading

Final Term in Year 5

Dear Parent/Carer, Welcome to the final term of Year 5- hasn’t time flown! We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of exciting activities and trips planned – keep your eyes peeled for important letters about upcoming trips in the next couple of weeks. We also hope for good weather to allow us to Continue reading

Term Five in Class 5

Dear Parent/Carer, Welcome to Term 5! We are looking forward to a very busy term as well as enjoying more time outside as the weather warms up. This term sees us tackle a big topic right across Science, Geography, History and English – Coasts. We will look at how different coastlines are formed- particularly our Continue reading

Earmuff Problems!

Class Five were investigating how to muffle sound today. We would all love to make things sound proof sometimes, but how would we do it? The class tested different materials to see how well they muffled the sounds, and used their knowledge of how sound behaves in solids, liquids and gases to make predictions as Continue reading

Term 4 in Class 5

Welcome to Term 4! We have a short but very busy term ahead of us here in Class 5! Here is what we will be up to over the next few weeks. We will continue building up our mathematical expertise using Maths Makes Sense which sees us explore many topics including algebra; we will be Continue reading

Term 3 in Class Five

Dear Parent/Carer,   Welcome to Term 3 and a Happy New Year 2016 to you all! A new History topic starts this term – World War Two. The class will be learning about how this war started, what life was like for people living through it and the impact it still has on our modern Continue reading

Examining Artefacts

In History Class 5 are looking at the reliability of evidence and thinking about how, without enough evidence, archaeologists and historians can find it hard to make sound judgements about a time period. We pretended we were archaeologists from 1000 years in the future, and examined some 2015 artefacts to see what we could discover Continue reading

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