Mrs Purver

Archery Skills

Today it was time for Year 3 to take on the archery challenge. It could not have been more perfectly timed as today was another wash out for playtimes! The children were very keen and excited to take on this sport and came back very enthusiastic to take up this as a new sport. 

Sikhi Dancing

We have all been busy celebrating Sikhi week with a special dance class. James visited the school today to teach us some traditional Indian dance moves, taking inspiration from Bhangra and Bollywood dance moves. The children were taught a routine before being encouraged to add their own Bhangra inspired moves. Lots of energy was needed Continue reading

Soil Investigations

This afternoon, in Year 3, we were busy being soil detectives. We had three different soil samples that we had to look at and see what the soil was made up of. We found things like: twigs, leaves, conker shells, stones, worms, centipedes, slugs, roots, plants, seeds and bark. We spoke about how soil is Continue reading

Ancient Maya Art

This past term, in Year 5, we have been studying artwork inspired by the Mayans. We started by learning about the role of masks and looked at what colours, patterns and animals were used. The children then planned their mask before using oil pastels to bring their mask to life. The children remembered how to Continue reading

Victoria Topping Inspired Illustrations

Year 6 have been very busy this past term studying the illustrator of the book Mythologica, Victoria Topping. We looked at how she created illustrations to reflect the Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses and characters from mythological stories. She chose her colour palettes carefully to reflect their key characteristics and we looked at reoccurring motifs and Continue reading

Year 4 Scarab Beetles

This term for Year 4 Art lessons the children have been studying the scarab beetle, to link to their current topic of Ancient Egypt. The children have studied and drawn the beetle before using clay to create a sculpture. The children had one piece of clay that they used to create the main shape. They Continue reading

Natural Dyes

The theme of Art this term in Year 3 is Cave Art, linking to their topic of Stone Age to Iron Age. This week’s Art lesson involved extracting colour from different fruits and vegetables. The children had blackberries, strawberries, beetroot, mint, purple cabbage and turmeric to explore. The classroom, as you can imagine, smelt amazing. Continue reading

Sedimentary Rocks

This term Year 3 have been learning about Rocks and Soils as part of our Science topic. We have looked at how the different types of rocks are made, examples of these rocks and have started to investigate how permeable and durable they are. To try and help the children remember how sedimentary rocks are Continue reading

Year 3 Swimmers

A small group of Year 3 children have been thoroughly enjoying their morning swim at Christ Church School this week and Mr Wick and Mrs Crockford have been singing their praises. This group of children have had a mini intensive course to help perfect and strengthen their swimming techniques, as well as boosting their confidence Continue reading

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