Mrs Price

Number recognition

Today the Ducklings enjoyed a carpet challenge, the challenge was to match all the numbers to their correct pictures. We used their counting skills to check their work. In addition to this we used cubes to show amounts up to 20.

Choosing Time

This afternoon some children contributed in creative play by playing with the dolls house. Others extended their creative play with the massive train set on the decking area.  The computing area is being well used, the children are learning how to log on and navigate around a 2Simple game. We have had lots of fun!

Ducklings in PE

Ducklings enjoyed their PE session today. They participated in the traffic light game, this game encourages the children to follow simple instructions while moving and changing direction both in and out of small spaces. This is good for our gross motor skills and spatial  awareness.

Ducklings learn while having fun!

This week  Ducklings have been learning all about numbers to ten and the letters in their name. We have had lots of fun making fruit and leaf kebabs in the mud kitchen, ordering numbers by threading, forming numbers and unlocking padlocks. These tasks are great for our fine motor skills.

Duckling’s First Day

The Ducklings had a great first day, there were very few tears, from the children anyway, not sure about you parents after drop off! Today we have enjoyed getting to know each other and the layout of the classroom. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

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