Mrs Hines

Year 4 Shuttle Run

Recently Year 4 participated in a shuttle run activity, the children had to run up and down between two points in the hall ten times. This involves accelerating, sprinting a short distance and then decelerating, turning and then setting off again. This requires good control and all the children did very well. Today some medals Continue reading


Today in Literacy Year 4 read a myth from Africa about ‘Why Dogs Chase Cars’. The children really enjoyed the fun text and acting it out before retelling the myth from a different point of view.

Football Activities

Over the last couple of days, Year 4 have been participating in the Shepway Sports Trust’s virtual football competition. Everyone did all the activities which included toe taps, step overs, ball rolls, goalie leaps and dribbling. The children had a great time and persevered with each task.

Yr 4 Respect

During term 5 our school value is RESPECT and this week we are really focussing on what this means and how it applies to us in and out of school. Today in worship, we watched some film clips that explained more about the Bible story that connects to our value. We then all made some Continue reading


This week Yr 4 have been using a new Numeracy website we have access to.  The children seem to be really enjoying the games based maths learning resource, they know their log ins and can also play at home. It is a fun way to improve Numeracy skills.

Kenning Poems

In Literacy Yr 4 have had fun with kenning poems, the children all followed the pattern of a kenning and wrote a poem about themselves anonymously. Everyone then got in to pairs or threes and read each other’s poems trying to work out who each one was about. The children really enjoyed writing the poems Continue reading

Year 4 Go To Church

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the Church today for the first time in ages. We thought about one of our school values, compassion. We learnt more about how St Eanswythe showed compassion to the local people when she was alive. We also had a discussion about how we can be compassionate Continue reading

The Bayle Pond and Science

For science this afternoon, we had fun using a floor standing fan in the classroom to see the effect of air on different items and thought about streamlining and air resistance. We then went over to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at the Bayle Pond while the groups discussed their learning.

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