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Battle on TTRockstars

Two halves of Year 4 enjoyed another times table battle this week. It was good to see so many of the children joining in. 6B were in the lead for quite a while and then 6A overtook and ended up winning the battle. Congratulations to all the players and well done to 6A.


Today Year 4 participated in a TTRockstars battle. The two halves of the class were very evenly matched as can be judged by the result of team 6A with 264 points and 256 for team 6B. The battle created a huge buzz of excitement around our computer suite. It is a great way to have Continue reading

Yr 4 Basketball Challenge

Today Year 4 participated in a Folkestone school games basketball competition. There were five activities including the standing bounce, seated bounce, hoop shoot, figure of eight and head, waist, knees. The children worked hard on the challenges and enjoyed themselves. 

Hinduism Week

We have begun our faith week by looking into the background behind the festival of Diwali. We studied the story of Rama and Sita and how at the end Rama and Sita are guided home by lots of lights. This is why Diwali is also referred to as the festival of light.

Year 4 Term 2

Dear Parent/ Carer During the second half of the Autumn term, year 4 will be covering the following topics: Literacy:          We are going to do study the use of apostrophes and speech marks, as well as tenses, word families and prefixes. We will be improving our poetry and creative writing, enriching our language through Continue reading


During this term in Year 4 we have been looking at symmetry. Today we used various manipulatives to challenge each other to match symmetrical patterns. We used two types of numicon, pegs with peg boards, little cubes, geoboards with elastic bands and similar things on some iPads. The children had a great time trying several Continue reading


In worship we acted out a parable that Jesus once told to two brothers who were arguing over money that had been left to them. The message was about how ‘having lots of things – having more and more choices – isn’t going to make you happy or bring you closer to God’ The children Continue reading

Conductors and Insulators

To continue with our electricity topic in science, we have been studying electric conductors and insulators. We carried out an experiment testing various materials to see whether or not they conducted electricity. The children enjoyed the challenge.

God’s Creation

In worship we have been thinking about God creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh. We learnt some actions for each day and then enjoyed a game of ‘Simon Says’ with our new actions.


In Year 4 we have been learning the skill of adding several digits together. We then went on to a challenge of finding the least amount of coins required to make a given sum of money, which used our new skills .

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