Miss Hayward

Social Club -Week 2

This week in social club we have been playing outdoor games as a group. We have also been to the computer suite where the children played games. We have been creative and experimented with papier-mâché. On Thursday social club helped make their own dinner. Lastly, to finish the week we watched a film and enjoyed Continue reading

Social club – Week 1

We have enjoyed our first week back in social club by creating flower art for our new display. We have also spent time in the playground using the equipment. The children designed characters and made them out of paper bags. They were all beautiful. Lastly, the scoot boards have been very popular!

Social club – week 5

This week in social club we have experimented with bubbles. The children made giant bubbles to see who could make the biggest one. On Tuesday we made jellyfish using paper plates and tissue paper. The children played many games with the parachute outside. Lastly, we made bird feeders using the inside of toilet rolls and Continue reading

Social club- week 4

This week in Social club we have had a javelin competition on the playground. The children were a lot better than the adults ! We have also made our own obstacle courses, which were very impressive. The children have used the bikes and playground equipment. On Thursday we made sea creatures  using shells.

Rock steady concert

Today the children that attend Rocksteady performed with their band members. All the bands were amazing! The children have worked extremely hard leading up to this concert. A massive well done ! 

Social club-week 3

This week in social club we have loved riding the bikes in the playground. We have also created beautiful sea art to put on our display. The children had a picnic style dinner on Thursday. They have also played with Lego, sand and the water trays.

Social club – weeks 1 & 2

We have been very busy in social club these past two weeks. The children have enjoyed our cricket lessons on Thursdays and creating beautiful  beach collage pictures. We have spent a lot of time in the sunshine playing on the bikes and outdoor equipment. Lastly, we enjoyed an ice lolly on Friday! 

Social club -Week 4

This week in social club the children helped us do the gardening in the playground. We have played with the Lego and bikes. On Thursday we had cricket, the children were able to learn how to throw and catch correctly. Finally on Friday social club had a picnic dinner! The children really enjoyed this.

Social club -week 3

This week in social club the children have been busy planting cress that has been growing very nicely ! We have also played in the playground using the outside equipment. On Thursday we were very lucky to have a cricket workshop. Social club had a lot of fun and leant a lot about cricket!

Social club – week 1&2

In social club the children have been busy making kites. These were amazing ! We have also used the Lego to build towers and buildings. On Monday they played with the dressing up and we enjoyed ping-pong. This week some of the children helped with the gardening in the playground. 

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