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Year 6 Life Cycles

Yesterday, as part of our science lesson, we visited The Bayle Pond to see if we could spot any newts in the pond. We were lucky enough to see quite a few at different stages of their life cycle. We saw that the younger and smaller newts (newt tadpoles) were much lighter in colour and Continue reading

Year 6- Term 5

Dear Parent/ Carer,  During Term 5 Year 6 will be covering the following topics: Literacy- We will be reading ‘Rooftoppers’ by Katherine Rundell as a class and focusing on persuasive writing, letter writing and newspaper reports. We will also be working on comprehension and grammar skills.   Numeracy- Throughout  this term we will be covering percentages, decimals Continue reading

Gymnastics in Year 6!

To complete our gymnastics unit in PE, Year 6 performed  group routines using the apparatus. The routines had to include a clear starting and finishing pose, a balance and elements of symmetry. Each group was able to include these as well as think about the different levels they could explore within their routine. The children Continue reading

Year 6 Drama and Literacy

Following our learning on ‘The Tempest’, Year 6 wrote their own scripts for scenes to add into the play. The scenes were based on two characters in the play; the powerful wizard called Prospero and half man, half sea creature, Caliban. The children got fully into character and imagined how they would move across the Continue reading

Shakespeare in the Sun!

Year 6 enjoyed some time over at the Bayle pond today as the weather was so lovely. They wrote fantastic diary entries in role as Miranda- a very love struck young girl in Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest”. The children performed these in character and they were just brilliant!  We intend to use the Bayle pond as Continue reading

Welcome back Year 6!

What a great first day back we had in Year 6. It was a very relaxed day as the children had lots of catching up to do! We enjoyed watching ‘The Masked Reader’ and had an interesting discussion about International Women’s Day and why it is important. We  thought about some iconic women in history Continue reading

Dance Club Christmas Performance

Dance club has  worked incredibly hard this term on perfecting a Christmas contemporary piece. The children chose the song ‘Light of the world’ and passed around a lantern to represent Jesus being the light of the world. They used elements of canon and unison to show how the message of Jesus is spread and to Continue reading

Mummies unwrapped…

Today was the moment we have all been waiting for in Year 4… We finally unwrapped our mummified tomatoes! The children were ever so excited to peel the bandages off their tomatoes. Firstly, we looked at the one that we didn’t fill with salt. It felt a lot lighter and we were very apprehensive about Continue reading

Egyptian Cat Mummies

This week Year 4 have been thinking about the role of cats in Ancient Egypt. Cats were sacred animals and the owners used to even dress them up in jewels and finery and feed them the tastiest of treats! We discussed how cats were used for protection in the afterlife and were often mummified and Continue reading

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