Miss Giles

Year 4 PE

This week in PE the children have been developing their throwing skills using a javelin. All the children had great fun improving their distances.

Year 4 – Maths

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We went outside to use hola hoops and  balls and chalk and cubes to make it interactive and fun. The children really enjoyed maths being out of the classroom. 

Year 4 – Installation

This morning year 4 headed back down to the Glassworks to create some installations. The art work which the children duplicated was from Cornelia Parker (see work below). The children had to create a background for the installation by listening to different types of music and using various materials. Then the children decorated different birds, Continue reading

Year 4 – Workshop

Year 4 was very fortunate today to be invited to the Glassworks. The children made positive textile banners using different coloured vinyl. They all worked incredibly hard and produced some fantastic artwork!

Globe Theatre Trip- Year 4

Year 4 had a brilliant school trip today, as we travelled into London to go to the Globe Theatre. The children had the opportunity to have a tour around the Globe Theatre and also experienced a workshop to act out the play Macbeth.

Luben’s – Year 4

Today, year 4 were lucky enough to go to Luben’s and have the opportunity to make some delicious pizzas. All the children had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the yummy pizzas! A huge thank you to Ben and his team.

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