Mr O'Neon

Year 3 Topic Letter – Extreme Earth

Dear Parents, for term 5, our topic is: Extreme Earth In English, we will be exploring a variety of different poetry styles, developing the children’s understanding of metaphors, similes and alliteration. This will also help them to develop their use of adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We will then move onto writing exciting story settings, developing Continue reading


In Ducklings this week, the children continued using technology in order to create their own dinosaur music. The children used a programme on Purple Mash called, 2Beat. Using this programme the children experimented with creating a repeating beat, adding different drums, claps and symbols. The children also explored how to change the tempo / speed Continue reading


Today each class continued their new topic on coding. They began their lesson recapping the meaning of SMART and the reason why it is important to remember this. They continued looking at the vocabulary involved with coding, including algorithm, event, action, debug and command. Each class then explored a different set of challenges involving algorithms. Continue reading

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