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Instructions for being an explorer

Today the children acted out  instructions for being an explorer.  As a class, we decided the actions for each of the instructions, ready to perform to each other. The next step is for the children to use the actions to help them write the instructions. Well done everyone! 

There’s a hole in my cup!

Today we had great fun exploring the properties of different materials. ‘Someone’ had made a small hole in our plastic cups and the children needed to try a variety of materials to see if any of them would cover the hole. The materials the children could use were, clay, paper, tissues, play-doh or netting. The Continue reading

Phonic Challenge

This week the children have been developing their phonics skills. They have been spotting ‘special friends’ reading ‘alien’ words and applying their Read Write Inc skills to decide if a word is real or fake. The children have enjoyed playing different games, activities and challenges. This will help all the children develop their reading skills Continue reading

Eagle Class

Today we explored the properties and uses of plastic. We explored the classroom and recorded objects which contained plastic. The children all noticed just how often plastic is used. We then carried out an experiment to test the flexibility of different plastic containers. This was great fun and contained some unexpected results. Fantastic learning!

Eagle Class Topic Grid

This is the home learning topic grid for the Eagle Class. Our theme ‘ Into the snow’. Each child has been given a copy in their book bags today.  These are only ideas, feel free to explore your child’s interests.  The children also have spellings and a short maths challenge in their bags. These are Continue reading

Eagle Class Term 2

Dear Parents / Guardians,   Hello!   This term our topic is called ‘Into the snow’.   English: In reading we will continue to learn our RWI sounds and then move onto developing their comprehension skills. The children will sit their phonics test this term, so we will spend lots of time developing all the Continue reading

Diwali Celebrations Eagle Class

Today we began our Hinduism week by dancing, ready to celebrate Diwali on Thursday. The children began by watching a number of Diwali dances performed by children. The class were very excited to see children their age and younger, performing wonderful dances on stage. The children then followed a Diwali dance tutorial, where the children Continue reading

Eagles’ Trip Out

Today, the Eagles had an amazing trip to the park and to tobogganing. I hope you can see from the photos, just how much the children enjoyed their adventure. The whole class were fantastically well behaved, supporting and helping the younger children both on the journey and while playing in the park. I am very Continue reading

Floating and Sinking

Today the children started exploring the properties of different materials, finding out which materials will float and sink, in order to discover which material would be best for building a pirate ship. The children all predicted what they thought would happen and then tested the materials to see if they were correct. We were surprised Continue reading

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