DT Cushions

Today we finally finished our cushions. In our DT lessons, the children have been learning to thread a needle, knot thread and sew ( using running stitch and a few children experimented with cross stitch.) The children had designed their cushions to feature decorative stitches and appliqué. This was tricky and the children did really Continue reading

Year 2 French Day

We started our French day by learning about Bastille day in France and how and why it is celebrated. We then tried some typically French food including baguettes, cheese and croissants. Finally we learnt about French artist Marcel Duchamp and the Dada art movement and created our own Mona Lisa art based on the piece Continue reading

Rainforest Art In Year 5

This week, we finished our class novel of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. Kensuke, an ex Japanese soldier, chose to live a solitary life on a secluded island. He learns to survive and thrive alongside his primate friends.  We looked at the many ways charities are trying to help orangutans in rainforests all over the world. This led Continue reading

Year 6 Banner Making

Last Tuesday Year 6 were invited to attend a banner making workshop. We looked at different slogans and emblems and the sorts of things these stood for. We discussed what types of things they were used for and the ideas behind them along with the image it wants to portray. As well as wording, we Continue reading


In DT last term, year 6 were set the challenge of designing their own playground. They were all very excited to get started and had lots of great ideas. Over the six weeks they showed excellent team work to create their dream playgrounds. They chose their own materials to suit their designs and playground equipment. Continue reading


Year 5 had an incredibly busy and productive term in our DT sessions. Not only did they get to assemble and test their spaghetti truss bridges but they then used these as a prototype to create their own wooden truss bridges. This was truly amazing to see and not only did they work brilliantly as Continue reading


Here are the fabulous pavilions that year 4 were working on in DT last term. Everyone worked safely with new tools, including hack saws and tenon saws. They also built on their confidence in using the hot glue guns to join their materials securely. Each group made sensible material choices that were fit for purpose. Continue reading


Last term year 3 were looking at features of castles as part of their DT project, including: towers, turrets, battlements, moats, gatehouses, curtain walls, drawbridges and flags. The children then planned their own castle design to include some of these and set about construction. This term instead of making structures from junk modelling (which we Continue reading

Year 2 Impressionism

Linked to our science topic of plants, year 2 looked at water lily paintings by Claude Monet. We learnt about the impressionist style and how, where and what impressionist artists liked to paint. We then had a go at painting our own versions, trying to capture the bright colours of the flowers and the way Continue reading

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DT Cushions

Today we finally finished our cushions. In our DT lessons, the children have been learning…

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