Year 4 Art Workshop

Today Y4 were lucky enough to be visited by Tania and Emily from the Creative Foundation. They looked at lots of art works from past Triennials and discussed how and why they were created. Then they were able to create their own structures using all sorts of materials, their favourite was definitely modroc. It was Continue reading


All has been going well with the bigger Yr 4 buddies meeting the younger ‘Soon to be Ducklings’ smaller buddies. Today we did an art activity together.

Art Workshop

Yesterday a group of children participated in an art workshop, we met with three lovely ladies Tania, Thurle and Constance and walked along to STEVE, which is one of the sculptures in the fish market. The children used wax crayons to take rubbings of Steve and the surrounding surfaces, we then went to Block 67 Continue reading

Pebble Painting Workshop

On Monday, some classes took part in a pebble painting workshop which involved painting or decorating pebbles which will be used to remember soldiers who fought for our country in WW2. East Cliff Creative led the workshop and explained how the pebbles will be used to create poppies not only in Folkestone, but also Belgium. Continue reading

Mrs Simmons

Today we said goodbye to Mrs Simmons, she has taught in our school for eleven years. Every Friday she taught Art and DT during the morning to the three older classes and then went swimming with the children in KS 2. Mrs Simmons could also often be found teaching Year 6. This afternoon Years 4, Continue reading

Science and Topic in Owls

This term we have been learning about the weather and the seasons. We have been measuring the temperature, rainfall and wind each day and comparing them to other parts of the British Isles. To help us understand about these things we designed and made or own wind sock to inform us which way the wind Continue reading

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