Natural Dyes

The theme of Art this term in Year 3 is Cave Art, linking to their topic of Stone Age to Iron Age. This week’s Art lesson involved extracting colour from different fruits and vegetables. The children had blackberries, strawberries, beetroot, mint, purple cabbage and turmeric to explore. The classroom, as you can imagine, smelt amazing. Continue reading

Remembering The Queen

Eagles have been using clay to create models which they associate with remembering Her Majesty the Queen. We had a varied selection of ideas from bagpipes to crowns and even Winsor Castle! Great care was taken decorating a keepsake box for their items, which once painted, were placed carefully inside.

Rainforest Art In Year 5

This week Year 5 have created some amazing rainforest animal art linked to our class novel, The Explorer. The children used oil pastels and bold colours to capture the vibrant nature within The Amazon Rainforest.  I think you will agree from the pictures that Year 5 are a very arty class. Well done Year 5! 

Creative Day

Today we should have been exploring the rainforest biome at Kew Gardens but as that was not possible we did our best to create a day full of fun. We made excellent progress with our DT cushions and we were so impressed with how far the children have come with their appliqué, running stitch and Continue reading

Year 5 Academy Visit

Last Friday we were invited to The Folkestone Academy for an art workshop. We were introduced to a project to do with Folkestone’s buildings of the future. We had to design and create our buildings and then make it from the materials that were on offer to us. It was a very good morning and Continue reading

DT Textiles – Sewing

This term in year 3 we are getting to grips with cross stitch, running stitch and appliqué to create our very own cushions. We have started by learning how to cross stitch and this was a lesson in need of plenty of patience, perseverance and concentration. With plenty of support the children have been trialing Continue reading

Seascapes in Eagles

On Wednesday afternoon in Year 2 we created our own art work titled ‘Seascapes’.  We began looking at artwork created by Piet Mondrian. We had already seen some of his work a couple of terms ago and recreated it using the computers. This time though we were using an unusual method of recreating a similar Continue reading

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