Aslan Sculptures

One of the activities, as part of our Narnia Creative Day, was to make a sculpture of Aslan. Last week in Eagles, we looked at a variety of paintings and sculptures of lions and discussed that sometimes art can be abstract and that we can use colours that you would not usually expect a lion Continue reading


During art Year 6 have been creating headdresses. They looked at headdresses and costumes worn in different times and cultures.  They then worked in small groups to design and make headdresses for a character in a story or to represent a theme.  They carefully chose materials which would work both for their theme and their design and considered how Continue reading


As part of our learning we have been designing and making cot mobiles. All of the owls worked very hard on this intricate task today, with many accomplishing the art of tying knots!    


As part of our work on graffiti we have designed our own tags.  These are displayed on a brick wall in our classroom.  See if you can identify who is who, some of us have used nick names!

Year 3 Art Workshop

As part of the Triennial, Year 3 had the opportunity to work with a local artist Nicolette Gough. Nicolette had been working with the famous artist Andy Goldworthy, who had produced an exhibit for the Triennial. He covered a window and steps with clay, that had been dug out of our own beach at Sunny Continue reading

Art Club Explores Local Art

As part of our Art Club project we set about exploring all the different art forms that we could find it Folkestone. We took hundreds of photos because we decided that nearly everything you see or do has some sort of connection to art. We also took photographs of all the different works that had Continue reading

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Paper Spinners

This morning Yr.6 continued their work on forces.  They created paper spinners and timed how…

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