War Horse Artwork

In the film adaptation of the book ‘War Horse’ there are some stunning sunset scenes with silhouettes of the horses. Today Yr.6 creates their own sunsets using a water colour wash and added silhouettes to these. We’re sure you’ll agree that they have created some beautiful scenes.

Y5/R Christmas Creative Morning

This morning, the pupils in Class 5 and their buddies in Ducklings Class enjoyed a creative morning together. The children helped each other to make and decorate paper angels, tree decorations and pictures. The room was full of colour, sparkle, fun, Christmas cheer and LOTS of glitter!

Year 4 Art Workshop

Today Y4 were lucky enough to be visited by Tania and Emily from the Creative Foundation. They looked at lots of art works from past Triennials and discussed how and why they were created. Then they were able to create their own structures using all sorts of materials, their favourite was definitely modroc. It was Continue reading


All has been going well with the bigger Yr 4 buddies meeting the younger ‘Soon to be Ducklings’ smaller buddies. Today we did an art activity together.

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