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Year 1 Flowers

In Science we went for a walk to the pond to hunt for flowers. On our way we could see flowers all throughout the Bayle! The children used a flower identification sheet to find out the names of some of the flowers they came across. Afterwards, they picked their five favourite flowers and designed their Continue reading

Canterbury Cathedral Visit

St Eanswythe’s Worship Leaders and Confirmation candidates visited Canterbury Cathedral this week. We had a fantastic time learning about the incredible history and fascinating religious aspects of the beautiful building. In the morning we had the opportunity to dress up as pilgrims and monks ready for our tour. We took a journey through history learning Continue reading

King’s Day

Today we were invited to celebrate the Dutch holiday of King’s Day. We found out about the history of the celebration and the traditional customs for how to celebrate. We were then treated to a delicious stroopwafel and a miniature flag of Holland. We want to say a special thank you to Faye and her Continue reading

Year 6 Trip to Lubens

Last week, Year 6 were lucky enough to be treated to a trip to Lubens. The children had a fantastic time making the pizzas and eating them afterwards! Every single plate was clean! The children were extremely well mannered and enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Ben, Lucy and the amazing staff at Lubens for Continue reading

Year 4 – Installation

This morning year 4 headed back down to the Glassworks to create some installations. The art work which the children duplicated was from Cornelia Parker (see work below). The children had to create a background for the installation by listening to different types of music and using various materials. Then the children decorated different birds, Continue reading

Cards for Ukraine

On Friday, year 3 spent time during their Independent Learning, designing and creating cards of hope for Ukraine. Building on from the school fundraising day and with the collection of donations being organised the children wanted to send their own cards. Well done year 3 for taking the time to create these excellent cards showing Continue reading

Year 5 Luben’s Lunch

On Thursday Year 5 were treated to a restaurant lunch! We were invited to Luben’s to see how pizzas are made, starting from the very beginning using flour, water and yeast to create a sponge, right through to creating our own pizza. As you can see from the images everyone had a fab time. 

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