Year 5 Computing Workshop

Yesterday afternoon we went to The Academy for a computing workshop. The first thing we looked at was creating a world on Kodu, which we use in school so we were confident in building a world and adding things such as trees, hills and rocks. Then we had to add figures to it and make Continue reading

Computing in Ducklings

Ducklings have been using the iPads to log on and discover different number games. We all had our own code to enter to log on and open up our program. Some of them were quite tricky but when we listened to the instructions it became easier to follow the challenge.  

Aboriginal Art

Last week in Owls we focused our computing and art lessons on Aboriginal art. We have spotted Aboriginal art in our class story book, Big Rain Coming. We learnt that Aboriginal art is a traditional piece of art using dots, typically using warm colours. We had a very relaxing afternoon completing both digital and physical Continue reading

Eagle Class Emails

This week, the children in Eagles have been learning about online safety and sending emails. All the children enjoyed sending an email to Barnaby Bear, including drawing him a picture. The children were very excited to receive an instant reply from Barnaby Bear. We had great fun learning an important skill, one which they may Continue reading

RE in Year 5

This term we have been discussing the question ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’ We have created word clouds on the computer and included all the words that we think relates to our question. We then went on to take a look at some different texts taken from Psalms, Isaiah and Continue reading


This week Yr 4 have been using a new Numeracy website we have access to.  The children seem to be really enjoying the games based maths learning resource, they know their log ins and can also play at home. It is a fun way to improve Numeracy skills.

Graphs in Yr 4

As it is currently the time for our national census, we have been thinking about the census, data and various types of graphs. The children have created vertical and horizontal bar graphs, block graphs, line graphs and pie charts on a computer, as well as completed tally charts and coloured the rainbow on the census Continue reading

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