Fuzzy Mud Book Trailers

Year 6 have really enjoyed reading ‘Fuzzy Mud’ by Louis Sachar this term.  In some of their computing lessons they have worked to create a book trailer combining pictures, images and text to advertise the book.  They certainly make you want to read it!  See which video persuades you to pick up the book! Continue reading

Local Artist – Inspirational Visit

Today each class was visited by our very own local artist- Shane Record.  He used a program called ‘2Paint’ on the smartboard and produced wonderful landscapes.  Shane Record asked everyone to think of a scene they would like him to paint, in this way we all had ownership of the pictures he produced.  Several of the Continue reading

Handwriting in Owls

Last Friday we were able to use the Ipads to help us improve our handwriting skills. The program we use is called ‘Crazy Cursive’ and it was great fun following the pen around the letters. The program even helps us to join letters together.

Stop Frame Animation

Year six have been looking at animation in ICT.  Today, they learnt how to use a stop frame animation app on the iPad.  First they used playmobil characters to create a short story and get used to the software. They then looked at how Aardman animations use storyboards and how they bring these to life.  Continue reading

Year 3 iMovies

Year 3 have been working together to create news clips about homework in primary schools. They have been learning how to take videos and photos and use iMovie on the iPads.    

Yr 4 Door Poster

In year 4 we used our abilities in IT to create welcome posters for our classroom. The best one was going to be laminated and used on our door to let any visitors to our school know who is based in the classroom. Several adults helped to select the winning posters, we had to choose two Continue reading

Yr.6 Arts Trip to the Quarterhouse

On Friday, Yr.6 went to The Quarterhouse and took part in a workshop lead by Profound Sound.  They considered what sounds were, how they could make sounds and how sounds could represent both concrete and abstract things.  Each group was given recording equipment and set the task of recording sounds to represent different emotions and objects.  Continue reading

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