Folkestone Fishing Museum

As part of our learning on the history of Folkestone fishing, Owls visited the Folkestone fishing museum. The children walked around the museum and looked at different artefacts. Afterwards they were able to pose questions to two local fishermen. We found out that they have been fishing during storms, caught hundreds of fish and that Continue reading

Year 5 – Victorians

Today we have looked at how children lived in the Victorian era and what sort of games they played and the toys they sometimes had to make themselves. We have an assortment of Victorian toys in the classroom which include; whip and top, pop guns, ball and cup, a china doll and a Victorian perambulator. Continue reading

Canterbury Cathedral Visit

St Eanswythe’s Worship Leaders and Confirmation candidates visited Canterbury Cathedral this week. We had a fantastic time learning about the incredible history and fascinating religious aspects of the beautiful building. In the morning we had the opportunity to dress up as pilgrims and monks ready for our tour. We took a journey through history learning Continue reading

Victorian Day in Year 5

We had a great day dressing up as Victorians. As you can see from the pictures, we spent the afternoon making marzipan fruits. These would have been a luxury and only available to the wealthiest families before the industrial revolution. We really couldn’t master the ‘no talking’ bit but we did manage to stand whenever Continue reading

Lullingstone Roman Villa

What an incredible day year 3 had at Lullingstone Roman Villa. We had the amazing Naomi lead us on our workshop which included a tour of different parts of the villa, a demonstration of how the hypocaust system worked using a model of the villa and a heat source (hairdryer), investigating the Roman strigil (which Continue reading

Roman Day

Today year 3 rocked the Roman look. We started the day, very excitedly, with a Roman Sandal Parade in worship followed by a fab lesson delivered by a local History teacher and one of the children’s parents. He taught us about features of Roman towns and our Folkestone Roman villa. The children then planned their Continue reading

Year 3 KIC theatre

It was so lovely to welcome back Ian, the children remembered their last workshop with him and were so excited to get stuck in to another drama session. We were transported back to 79AD and were asked to get ourselves into families and create homes. Each family was given a role to support our town, Continue reading

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Creative Day

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