Remembrance Day

Eagles have been busy understanding the significance of why we wear poppies. We watched a short film, and discussed why the music made us feel different and created some poppy wreaths. Some people could explain the significance and where these wreaths are placed in Folkestone and shared their knowledge with the class. 

Bronze Age Adventure

On Monday, we had an amazing trip to Dover Museum, to see the world’s oldest seafaring boat, built in the Bronze Age. The children really enjoyed a workshop focused on making a clay recreation of the Bronze Age boat. They also enjoyed a workshop handling different objects from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. The Continue reading

Year 4 – Pyramids

This week in History, year 4 have been learning about the pyramids in Egypt. The children were challenged to make the strongest and tallest pyramid out of spaghetti and marshmallows. All the children worked incredibly well and there were some great results. 

Kic Theatre Year 5

This morning we had a Kic Theatre workshop with our friend Ian. As our Topic is all about The Titanic this is what we focused on in the lesson. First we had to think of the designer and how he would have put his ideas on to paper. Then we had to build the ship, Continue reading

Folkestone Fishing Museum

As part of our learning on the history of Folkestone fishing, Owls visited the Folkestone fishing museum. The children walked around the museum and looked at different artefacts. Afterwards they were able to pose questions to two local fishermen. We found out that they have been fishing during storms, caught hundreds of fish and that Continue reading

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Eagle Scientists

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