Independent Learning

Eagles Independent Learning

Eagles have been busy this week building their ideas for their Independent Learning. Some of the projects have to be left to dry before they can be refined. We have showed understanding of planning and researching an idea before beginning it, then allowing time to decide how we will finish it.  

Independent Learning – Celebration Worship

On Monday morning we had a whole school celebration worship where we all got to enjoy the pieces the children had created for their independent learning on last term’s topic of “The Queen”. Children were chosen from each class and came to the front to tell everyone what they had made and why. They all Continue reading

Remembering The Queen

Eagles have been using clay to create models which they associate with remembering Her Majesty the Queen. We had a varied selection of ideas from bagpipes to crowns and even Winsor Castle! Great care was taken decorating a keepsake box for their items, which once painted, were placed carefully inside.

Easter Celebration Worship

Today we celebrated our independent learning efforts and all things Easter. This term the children have been learning all about Folkestone, the past, present and future! The children chose which passage of time they wanted to focus their research on. They came up with impressive and wonderful creations and clearly spent a lot of time Continue reading

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