How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth

After the complete downpour this morning, Year 3 headed on to the playground to gather clues about their new book. The children looked very closely and came up with some great suggestions about what the book might be about. Discovering the giant footprints, lots of children thought it might be about the Gruffalo, Big Foot Continue reading

Editor Workshop

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Wendy Shakespeare, who is a senior editorial manager at Puffin. Wendy spoke to the children about her role and told us all about how much work goes into writing a children’s book. She also told us about the many amazing authors she has Continue reading

Capital Letters

Ducklings have been looking at capital letters this week. We recognised that we all have them at the beginning of our names and how they look different from lower case letters. Next we used a varied range of capital letter resources to find ways we could create our names.  

The Tempest Play Scripts in Year 6.

To conclude our learning of The Tempest, we wrote our own play scripts. Some of the children changed the ending of the play and actually killed Prospero and some children decided that Ariel needed revenge! The children worked amazingly in their groups and have shown some real acting talents! Well done Yr 6!

Elf Road Dragon Feast Hook

Today in Year 3 we started a new story called Elf Road for our English lessons. In this story a boy called Billy goes through a magical doorway and is transported to a large, dark hall with hundreds of tiny people and a glorious banquet hall with a dragon ice scuplture. To help kick off Continue reading

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