Phonics in Eagles

Every morning we have a phonics lesson, this week we have been focusing on the long ‘a’ sound: ay, ai, ey, eigh and a-e. We have different activities to complete throughout the week and on Thursday we get to play a game called Phonopoly! We move around the board saying and sounding out different words Continue reading


Today in Literacy Year 4 read a myth from Africa about ‘Why Dogs Chase Cars’. The children really enjoyed the fun text and acting it out before retelling the myth from a different point of view.

Kenning Poems

In Literacy Yr 4 have had fun with kenning poems, the children all followed the pattern of a kenning and wrote a poem about themselves anonymously. Everyone then got in to pairs or threes and read each other’s poems trying to work out who each one was about. The children really enjoyed writing the poems Continue reading

Year 6 Drama and Literacy

Following our learning on ‘The Tempest’, Year 6 wrote their own scripts for scenes to add into the play. The scenes were based on two characters in the play; the powerful wizard called Prospero and half man, half sea creature, Caliban. The children got fully into character and imagined how they would move across the Continue reading

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Rock Steady Music

Yesterday, the whole school had treat from Rock Steady Music.  First they were introduced to…

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