Reading Challenge in Year 5

This terms homework has been an author focused reading challenge. The children had to read a variety of Michael Morpurgo books and challenge their own reading abilities. They have understood lots about the way Morpurgo writes using true events and how he creates a story around them which often leaves us questioning what is fact Continue reading

Memory Jars

Today, in Year 3, we began our day with the story Memory Jars by Vera Brosgol. We then reflected on our year of learning and shared our own memories of Year 3. Then we wrote and drew pictures of our favourite memories. After play, we decorated our own memory jars and filled them with our Continue reading

Globe Theatre Trip – Year 4

Last term in English year 4 were learning all about Shakespeare. As a class we focused on two of his well known plays Macbeth and Midsummer night’s dream. Yesterday, the children were lucky enough to go and visit the Globe Theatre in London and take part in a fun workshop which was based around the Continue reading

Toy Tea Party

This term we are learning all about toys! Yesterday in literacy Owls wrote some very important party invitations. They invited their favourite teddies in for a teddy tea party! They addressed their invitation to their teddy and wrote the date, time and place of the party. Today we had our tea party. We showed our Continue reading

How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth

After the complete downpour this morning, Year 3 headed on to the playground to gather clues about their new book. The children looked very closely and came up with some great suggestions about what the book might be about. Discovering the giant footprints, lots of children thought it might be about the Gruffalo, Big Foot Continue reading

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DT Cushions

Today we finally finished our cushions. In our DT lessons, the children have been learning…

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