Instructions for being an explorer

Today the children acted out  instructions for being an explorer.  As a class, we decided the actions for each of the instructions, ready to perform to each other. The next step is for the children to use the actions to help them write the instructions. Well done everyone! 

Phonic Challenge

This week the children have been developing their phonics skills. They have been spotting ‘special friends’ reading ‘alien’ words and applying their Read Write Inc skills to decide if a word is real or fake. The children have enjoyed playing different games, activities and challenges. This will help all the children develop their reading skills Continue reading

Toy Tea Party!

As an introduction to our new topic of Toys, on Monday, Owls invited their favourite toys in for a tea party! The children introduced their favourite toy to the rest of the class and everyone gave them each a warm welcome. Then we all played pin the bow on the teddy bear, musical statues and Continue reading

Phonics in Eagles

Every morning we have a phonics lesson, this week we have been focusing on the long ‘a’ sound: ay, ai, ey, eigh and a-e. We have different activities to complete throughout the week and on Thursday we get to play a game called Phonopoly! We move around the board saying and sounding out different words Continue reading

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