Eagles Music

An extremely musical afternoon was enjoyed by all in the Eagles today. The aim of the lesson was to follow Mrs. Brookes with the beat, whether it was quick or slow and loud and quiet. We watched her conduct and followed her directions. We listened to a story, acting out the parts using our selected Continue reading

The Good King Charles lll

As it was a fabulous day, we took our Music lesson outside. To warm up our muscles and voices we took part in carefully timed actions, taking note of our personal space. Superb acting skills were displayed when the King was center stage in our playground game. 

Fish Out Of Water MCDC Dance Company

Today years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch a dance performance and then year 5 enjoyed a workshop.  Fish Out Of Water is a fresh, multi-disciplinary outdoor dance performance, which explores themes ofbelonging, otherness, displacement and migrancy. It was an interactive world of hip hop &contemporary dance, colourful sculptures and live, responsive Continue reading

Music for Schools Foundation

Today we were very lucky to have two members from Music for Schools Foundation visit our school. We watched Tony the Music Man play a variety of instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, flute, cornet and trumpet. He explained what the various parts of the instruments are called and how they each work to create different Continue reading

Eagles Music

We learnt a new playground song in music this week. Using our skills of listening, responding and turn taking we could show how we could work as a team. The Good King Leopold game was a call and respond song, with some very amusing actions being asked for.    

Year 4 Violin – Term 1

Year 4 have made a great start learning to play the violin. The children have been taught the different parts of the violin, including the four strings: E, A, D, G. They are now beginning to learn the song ‘String Street Zoo’. 

Rock steady concert

Today the children that attend Rocksteady performed with their band members. All the bands were amazing! The children have worked extremely hard leading up to this concert. A massive well done ! 

Tune In Workshop

Today, Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a workshop called ‘Tune In’ as part of Folkestone’s Creative Quarter with Randolph Matthews. The children were taught about the impact of tone, pitch and tempo and related them to the world around us. They thought about how certain sounds can make us feel certain ways Continue reading

Y6 Hearing Music in Colour!

Year 6, inspired by the whole school’s paint throwing celebration of Holi today, explored how music can be experienced visually by associating sounds and rhythms with different colours. We learned about Synesthesia and were fascinated by a video representation of how a professional violinist with this condition ‘sees’ the music she plays in flashes of Continue reading

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