Maths in Owls

This term in Maths we have been busy learning lots! Some of the things we have covered include reading and ordering numbers, learning our 10x table and sorting shapes according to their properties.


In Numeracy Year 4 have been learning about the volume of a cuboid. We found out that the volume is the amount of space inside a 3D shape. As their learning moved forward, they were given a challenge to use multi link bricks to create a cuboid with a volume of 28 cms cubed. We Continue reading

Year 3 Roman Day!

On Thursday, Year  3 had a Roman day! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for the amazing Roman costumes. Year 3 learnt all about Roman food, writing their own Roman menus and shopping lists before having a feast and trying foods that would have been eaten in Roman Britain! We finished the day Continue reading


In Numeracy we have been learning more about circles, we have been using the vocabulary arc and chord. We have sayings to help us remember them “Arthur the ant walks round in an arc” and “Chris the cricket jumps across in a chord.” We have also been learning about how a circumference is a special Continue reading

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Y5 Stable Trip

Today, half of Class 5 were give the wonderful opportunity to spend the morning at…

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