Money Money Money

Ducklings have been looking at the different coins we use to buy things. We compared the differences in colour, shape and worth. Items were priced up in our Summer House Toy Shop and then purchased selecting the right coins.  

Shapes in our Environment

Ducklings have been learning about the properties of shapes and looked at where they are in our school environment. We explored the school and were amazed that shapes are everywhere. Who knew that the wet floor sign incorporated a hexagon, a circle and a cone!

Repeating Patterns

Owls had lots of fun completing a range of practical activities on repeating patterns. I was very impressed with how they were able to challenge themselves by trying out shape and colour patterns with up to 5 different pieces in a pattern!

Number Bonds to 10

Owls had lots of fun before half term discovering number bonds to 10. Using Numicon they drew around a 10 piece and had to find two pieces which fitted into the outline of the 10 piece! Some of the Owls even wrote number sentences for each sum.

Comparing Numbers

Over the past two weeks, Owls have been thinking carefully about comparing numbers in Maths. The children were introduced to 3 important signs to compare numbers and objects, greater than, less than and equals. Yesterday the children worked in teams to order objects from either the smallest number to the greatest number or the greatest Continue reading

Science in Year 5

Today we were looking at our solar system and the planets that reside in it. We discussed how far the planets were away from the sun and the distance between the them. We also investigated the sizes of these planets in relation to the sun. Our activity was to attempt to recreate the distances from Continue reading

Eagles’ Maths Week

This week in maths we have returned to measuring in cms and mms. We chose whether to use a ruler, a metre stick, a tape measure or even a piece of string to measure certain objects. We can also draw straight lines with a ruler in any direction including vertical, horizontal and diagonal. We know Continue reading

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