Ducklings Friday Fun

On Friday Ducklings learned about Mosques and how to draw one by following a step by step design on the white board. We then watched a short film on how the Muslim faith pray and heard Arabic Prayers. During PE we enjoyed Dance in the sun with James. We listened to different music beats and Continue reading

Judaism in Year 5

This term we have been learning about the Jewish religion and how it is celebrated. We have looked at the different Synagogues around the country and the treasures they hold inside, such as the Sidhar, Torah, Ark and Eternal Flame. Today we learnt how to play a game that is often played during Hanukkah. It Continue reading

Judaism Week

During our Judaism week we learnt about the importance of Abraham to the faith of Judaism. We had already learnt about Abraham when we learnt about People of God in Term 1, so it was lovely to hear so many of the children making links to their previous learning. After they recapped the story of Continue reading

Judaism Week

The whole school has taken part in an RE World Religions Focus Week- and the spotlight this term was on Judaism. Every class had a special lesson each day focusing on different aspects of Jewish beliefs, history and festivals. We learnt about the lives of Jews both in the past and in modern times and Continue reading

Canterbury Cathedral Visit

St Eanswythe’s Worship Leaders and Confirmation candidates visited Canterbury Cathedral this week. We had a fantastic time learning about the incredible history and fascinating religious aspects of the beautiful building. In the morning we had the opportunity to dress up as pilgrims and monks ready for our tour. We took a journey through history learning Continue reading

Ducklings Friday Fun Day

Fridays are full of exciting learning activities for Ducklings. For RE we listened to the story of Jesus performing the miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding and acted out the scenes. Some of the shocked faces were very believable.  During PE we were throwing and bouncing balls to catch them but remembering Continue reading

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