Year 4 French Festive Fun!

Year 4 have been feeling very festive in French and created a nativity story booklet. They were able to read the story and translate it into English. They had lots of fun reading to each other and tested their partners on key vocabulary.


Today we started to use our homemade advent calendars to start the countdown to Jesus’ birthday celebrations. We made our calendars last week, during the week we have learned more about advent.

The Story of Abraham and Sarah

We have been learning about faith this week. We have listened to the story of Abraham and how he showed his faith in God. We worked to produce a ‘freeze frame’ of the people in the story and considered how they would feel at key moments in the story. We

Year One and the Prodigal Son.

Year One have been learning about parables – the stories that teach Christians important lessons in the Bible. We have explored the parable of the Prodigal Son. The whole class acted out the story, with wonderful performances of the son, the grumpy brother and the ‘party people’ that helped the son waste all of his Continue reading

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Y5 Stable Trip

Today, half of Class 5 were give the wonderful opportunity to spend the morning at…

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