School Dog -Tiki

Tiki – Term 1

Tiki has had a busy first term back. She has spent time with individual children, hearing them read and cheering them up; been on walks with Yr.6, Yr.1 and some of Yr.5;  been to Yr.5 and Yr.6’s watersports afternoon;  enjoyed doing Tiki club and has spent time in Social Club too.  You can see how Continue reading

Tiki Club

So far children at Tiki club have learnt how to get her to jump, go through tunnels, go under arches, through hoops and over a bridge.  They have also worked on her obedience including recalls, touch, paw, sit, down, wait and come commands.  We have some brilliant dog trainers in our midst!


Yr.6A competed in their final Tiki time today. They also completed two STEM challenges. These were creating a Lego maze for a marble and creating balloon powered cars using and improving upon their ideas from yesterday. There were some very creative and innovative ideas.


Over the last few days we have had lots of fun.  Tiki time got competitive with groups competing against each other to earn points for different challenges!  We have created word pictures showing the character traits of the main characters in Wonder, designed working skate parks for fingerboards in our STEM challenge, done some curling Continue reading


Over the last few days we have had lots of fun.  We have completed two STEM challenges: designing and building a working catapult and a working zip line. Jessie and Lilly even managed to design a safety cord for their zip line which prevented their playmobil person from hurting themselves in an emergency!  We have Continue reading

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