School Dog -Tiki

Tiki Gets A Visitor

A few weeks ago Tiki was lucky enough to be visited by Barney the puppy. Actually Barney was so cute that he was areal hit alround the school, helping Year 4 with their writing and everyone else got help in practicing their cuddles.

Tiki Term 3

Tiki has enjoyed this term; she has started her reading job and has four children currently helping to train her for this role.  She has also enjoyed playing with everyone and being there for children when they feel sad or upset about something!  

Tiki’s Christmas Term

Tiki has had a lovely term.  She has achieved her bronze Good Citizen Dog Scheme Award, had her first Christmas party, been to the beach for the first time, been in her first nativity play and had many other first Christmas experiences.  Thank you so much for all her Christmas presents, some of which feature Continue reading


Yesterday Yr.6 did an investigation about air resistance.  They used 10g weights to attach to a variety of different parachutes and timed how long each one took to fall to the ground.  Each group decided which variable they wanted to change, some chose the material, some the shape and some the size of parachute.  Following Continue reading

Tiki’s First Term

Tiki has enjoyed her first term at school!  She has made hundreds of friends and is by far the most popular member of staff.  Not a day goes by without the cry of “Where’s Tiki?”  The children and staff love her and she has settled very quickly into her life as a school dog.  She Continue reading

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