Acidic Reactions

Yr.6 experimented with acids (vinegar and lemon juice) this morning. They found that some substances that don’t react with water react with acids to create bubbles. They looked at acid rain, how it is formed and the damage that it can do. Yr.6 then worked in pairs to create their own mini volcano before using Continue reading

Magnetic Force

In science we have started looking at forces, today we began by studying magnetic force. The children recapped prior knowledge about opposite poles attracting and same poles repelling each other and continued on to find magnetic and non-magnetic items around the classroom.

Science in Eagles

This term we are taking a closer look at materials and their properties. This afternoon we ran an experiment to see which of the 5 materials, that we had chosen, would be the most absorbent. Each group had a different test to find this out. Group 1 had to make a small puddle of water Continue reading

Soluble or insoluble?

To start their science topic about reversible and irreversible reactions Yr.6 looked at substances to see how they reacted with water. They found some substances were soluble and dissolved in the water whilst others were insoluble and didn’t dissolve. Some of the substances reacted with the water and created a gas forming bubbles.  They then Continue reading


As part of their work on forces Yr.6 investigated what factors affect how quickly a parachute would fall. Some groups chose to change the shape of the parachute, some the material it was made from and some the surface area. Once they had finished their investigation each group selected their best parachute to compete against Continue reading

How the Heart Works

Class 5 have been learning about the human body in science this term. We have studied the function of the heart and how it pumps blood around the body. To help us fully understand the process, we carried out a practical activity in the playground. Using blue bean bags to represent deoxygenated blood and red Continue reading


In Science this morning Yr.6 were looking at the force of elasticity. They started by watching videos of springboard divers, bungee jumpers and trampolinists and identified the force of elasticity involved in each of these activities. They then made these working models of these three sports for a playmobil character. Finally, they investigated Hook’s law Continue reading

Room Temperature

In science this week Year 4 were using a thermometer every ten minutes to measure the temperature of hot water, cold water and room temperature. We discovered that the hot water cools down and the cold water warms up over the time and that both would keep changing until they reached room temperature.

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Acidic Reactions

Yr.6 experimented with acids (vinegar and lemon juice) this morning. They found that some substances…

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