Year 2 Georgia O’Keeffe Flowers

Linked to our science topic of plants, this afternoon we looked at flowers painted by artist Georgia O’Keeffe.We learnt how she used vibrant colours and painted close up views of different flowers. We then used pastels to create our own simple but detailed, brightly coloured flower art.

Year 2 Seed Dispersal

In science this week we learnt about the different way plants disperse their seeds. Plants disperse their seeds by bursting, being shaken, using the wind or water, cracking and rolling or being spread by animals by getting stuck on fur/skin or after being eaten. We then made two models of seeds that use the wind Continue reading

Eagles Bakers

In relation to our topic of The Great Fire of London we made bread. While preparing the dough we compared the differences of the texture and changes that occoured. Super strength was used to knead the dough creating a soft round roll. Great fun was had by all.

Eagle Scientists

As a class we have been comparing difference materials. We carried out a scientific experiment to investigate which materials would be suitable for creating a water proof garment. Taking turns, we shared our ideas and understanding of the different materials and whether they would be absorbent and used a pipet to gently drop water on Continue reading

Burning Materials In Science

This week Year 5 had a fun morning experimenting with burning materials in science.  To begin with, we looked at the fire triangle and understood that all three components had to be present to create fire; if one component was removed, the triangle was broken therefore extinguishing the fire.   The children had an array of Continue reading

Year 4 science

In science we have been learning about the different states of matter (solid, liquid and gas). In today’s lesson the children had to predict whether a solid and liquid could produce a gas. Here are the results. 

Healthy Eating

This week Year 3 have been thinking about what humans and animals need to survive. We have also been comparing the diet of animals and humans and we now know that we each need different levels of nutrition and therefore our diets are different. We then thought about what a human healthy diet looks like Continue reading

Absorbent Materials

In Science the children tested out the absorbency of five different tissues. They used special equipment consisting of plastic cups, rubber bands and pipettes! In pairs they tested the absorbency by seeing if the tissue could hold 20 drops of water, if it did they gave it a big tick!

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