Science in Year 5

Today we were looking at our solar system and the planets that reside in it. We discussed how far the planets were away from the sun and the distance between the them. We also investigated the sizes of these planets in relation to the sun. Our activity was to attempt to recreate the distances from Continue reading

Science 2020 -2021

Lots of children at St Eanswythe’s School say science is their favourite subject.  Some of these photos show why – the awe and wonder that science develops is just brilliant!  We have some super scientists in our midst!

Light -Yr.6

Yr.6 were looking at light last week.  They measure the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection from torches using mirrors.  They then split light into all the colours of the spectrum by making a spectroscope and using prisms.  

Reflecting Light

In science this morning Yr.6 looked at reflecting light. They used mirrors and torches to bend light around corners, used periscopes and then created a path for light to travel through a shoe box using mirrors to reflect it many times. 

Melting Ice and Chocolate

Today in science Year 4 tested to see which would melt quickest two giant chocolate buttons or a much larger ice cube. The children really enjoyed using a large tealight candle as a heat source and were amazed to see the different outcomes. The ice melted more slowly compared to the chocolate that started to Continue reading

Science investigation – Class 3

Our topic this term is LIGHT and we have been investigating reflective materials.    Our aim was to predict which material would reflect light the best and then carry out the investigation to see if we were right!  We made a ‘light reflector’ using a torch and cardboard, which worked quite well.  We had to Continue reading

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Rock Steady Music

Yesterday, the whole school had treat from Rock Steady Music.  First they were introduced to…

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