Light and Shadows

Yr.6 started their topic on light today. They reminded themselves how shadows were formed and how we can change the size of a shadow. They then considered how we use light to see things using reflections. In groups we went to a pitch black area and found that when there is no light we can’t Continue reading

Elephant Toothpaste

As part of their work on irreversible reactions Yr. 6 made elephant toothpaste. They used hydrogen peroxide which split into water and oxygen. This reaction was sped up using a catalyst – in this case yeast. Foam was produced on a large scale, maybe there was even enough to clean the teeth of an elephant!

Wingham Trip

To finish off their work on Kensuke’s Kingdom and as part of their Science work on adaptation Yr.6 headed to Wingham today. They had an amazing time seeing a wide range of animals and participating in talks about orangutans, gibbons, red pandas, tigers, penguins, lemurs and chimpanzees. They had some great questions and learnt a Continue reading

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