Waterproof Materials

This week in Science we have been thinking about waterproof materials. On Thursday, Owls received an important email from some little bears asking them to help their friends get across a river safely whilst staying  dry. Owls accepted the challenge and independently experimented with 6 different materials: cotton wool, foil, tissue, paper, fabric and a Continue reading

Dissolving and Reacting

Yr.6 looked at dissolving this morning in Science. They changed the rate of dissolving by using water at different temperatures.  They found that the hotter the water the quicker the rate of dissolving. They then used Alka Seltzer in water and found that it not only dissolved but also reacted in the water.  It created Continue reading

There’s a hole in my cup!

Today we had great fun exploring the properties of different materials. ‘Someone’ had made a small hole in our plastic cups and the children needed to try a variety of materials to see if any of them would cover the hole. The materials the children could use were, clay, paper, tissues, play-doh or netting. The Continue reading

Separating Solutions

This morning Yr.6 made solutions with salt and sugar.  They then used a candle as a heat source to separate the powders from the water.  The water evaporated, they were also able to collect the water as condensation using a mirror as a cold surface. The salt remained as crystals in the trays and the Continue reading

Eagle Class

Today we explored the properties and uses of plastic. We explored the classroom and recorded objects which contained plastic. The children all noticed just how often plastic is used. We then carried out an experiment to test the flexibility of different plastic containers. This was great fun and contained some unexpected results. Fantastic learning!

Separating Mixtures

Yesterday, in Science, Yr.6 looked at separating mixtures.  They found that if a substance didn’t dissolve you could filter it to separate it back into its original substances.  However, if it had dissolved this didn’t work as the particles were so small they passed through the miniscule holes in the filter paper.  

Bread Making

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 baked their own bread rolls.  They found that the yeast respired which caused the bread to rise and become light and fluffy with air spaces.  As you can see they made some great rolls and worked well in teams to create the dough.

Investigating soil!

This week we have been continuing our learning about rocks and soils, considering the question: What is soil made of?We have discovered some new things and have applied that knowledge to what we have already learnt.  The children carried out an investigation to discover how permeable different types of soil are and enjoyed getting a Continue reading

Floating and Sinking

Today the children started exploring the properties of different materials, finding out which materials will float and sink, in order to discover which material would be best for building a pirate ship. The children all predicted what they thought would happen and then tested the materials to see if they were correct. We were surprised Continue reading

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