Burning to Create Chemical Changes

Yr.6 continued their topic on irreversible and reversible reactions this morning by burning stamp sized pieces of material in a candle flame.  they were really sensible and found that all the changes were irreversible and chemical reactions.  As you can see from the photos some of the reactions were pretty awe inspiring! They had great Continue reading

Water Resistance Yr 4

In science we have continued our work on forces by looking at water resistance. The children carried out experiments to find shapes that have a lot of water resistance and shapes that are streamlined. They found out that the streamlined shapes would reach the bottom of the tube of water the quickest. They then completed Continue reading

Owls Make Hot Cross Buns

On Monday Owls class had a lovely day making Hot Cross Buns. In groups we weighed and measured all of the ingredients using the recipe on the board, then we mixed it all together in the right order. We had to be really patient as the dough had to prove and rise several times before Continue reading

Science in Year 2

This term’s theme in Science has been materials. We have looked at he difference between absorbent and waterproof, what materials are best suited to build certain structures and what properties does a ball need to bounce. This week we have been investigating twist, stretch, squash and bend. Various items were tested for all these properties Continue reading


Finding out which of the given materials has the most/least friction was the task in today’s science lesson. We used boards covered in different materials as ramps and then measured how high one end needed to be for a car to travel slowly all the way to the other end. The higher the ramp the Continue reading

Yr. 3 – Science and Poetry!

In science we are investigating magnets and we carried out an investigation to find out which type of magnet was the strongest. We have also practised reading Walking with My Iguana, by Brian Moses.  We added expression to our voices and these children read particularly well!

Acid Reactions

This morning Yr.6 continued their topic on reversible and irreversible reactions.  After looking at how water reacted with some materials last week they moved onto acids.  They found that acids react with carbonates and cause a chemical reaction.  They started with bicarbonate of soda, washing soda crystals and marble chips.  Using lemon juices and vinegar Continue reading

Year 5 Rocket Launch

As part of our topic Earth and Space, we designed, built and launched water pressure rockets using card, glue and 2 litre water bottles. We thought carefully about how to streamline and balance the rocket with cones and fins. Our rockets were launched using a specially designed launch pad and a bike pump. Pressure was Continue reading

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