Reflecting Light

In science this morning Yr.6 looked at reflecting light. They used mirrors and torches to bend light around corners, used periscopes and then created a path for light to travel through a shoe box using mirrors to reflect it many times. 

Melting Ice and Chocolate

Today in science Year 4 tested to see which would melt quickest two giant chocolate buttons or a much larger ice cube. The children really enjoyed using a large tealight candle as a heat source and were amazed to see the different outcomes. The ice melted more slowly compared to the chocolate that started to Continue reading


Yr.6 started their science topic on light today.  They created shadows and looked at how these were formed.  They then looked at how they could change the size of the shadow and the darkness of the shadow.  They used transparent, translucent and opaque objects and created shadows in various places in the room. Following this Continue reading

Solid or Liquid

In science Year 4 studied a range of things deciding whether they were a solid or a liquid, some were harder than others. They then had to describe them thinking about flexibility, rating how runny it was, whether it was stretchy and how soft or hard it was or even whether it was sloshy. All Continue reading

Catapult Design

As part of their science and engineering work, Yr.6 designed and fired catapults this morning.  Firstly, they all made the same design which worked well.  They then had time to adapt and change this to improve how far their catapult would fire.  Finally, they competed against each other, well done to charlotte and Libbie who Continue reading

Bottle Rockets and Exploding Bags

To finish our topic on reversible and irreversible reactions Yr.6 braved the rain and headed to the playground.  There they used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create chemical, irreversible reactions.  Firstly they used sandwich bags to contain the carbon dioxide produced in the chemical reaction.  This caused the bag to blow up really tightly Continue reading

Bath Bombs and OObleck

This morning Yr.6 continued their topic about reversible and irreversible reactions.  They carefully measured out and combined ingredients to make bath bombs and formed them into shaped moulds.  They used scents and colours to make them look pretty and will enjoy using them in their baths. We then had a lot of fun with oobleck, Continue reading

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Reflecting Light

In science this morning Yr.6 looked at reflecting light. They used mirrors and torches to…

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