Conductor or Insulator

This week we have been testing various materials to see which ones make good conductors and which ones are insulators. We made circuits using a battery, three wires and a bulb and then added in a material to the circuit. If the bulb still lit then we could see that the electricity could pass through Continue reading

Marvellous rocks!

We had a guest teacher in Class 3 this week when Mrs Patterson came to tell us all about the different rocks beneath our feet! We went on a walk around The Bayle to discover sandstone and ragstone. Back in the classroom we investigated sedimentary rocks and found out how they were formed.

Making Bread

As part of their work about microorganisms Yr.6 baked bread. They found that yeast is actually alive and therefore does all seven life processes. It is the yeast which makes the bread rise. They realised that microorganisms can be helpful as well as harmful. The bread tasted good too!

Parallel and Series Circuits

After recapping on circuit diagrams and their symbols year 6 looked at the difference between series and parallel circuits. They found that in a series circuit if one component breaks, they all turn off. In contrast, in a parallel circuit you can have each component working separately. There were some excellent discussions and some great Continue reading

Mouldy Experiments!

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 are investigating what affects how quickly mould grows. The children considered the variables they could change and then worked in groups to select one to test. They chose some interesting experiments including the amount of salt, the amount of water, the type of food, the size of Continue reading

Year 4 Bushcraft

Year 4 all had great fun at Bushcraft today. Phil, the Bushcraft leader, taught the children about various different trees and plants and then showed many of the children how to make nettle tea, which was then available for us all to try. Everyone was able to toast marshmallows over the flames of the fire Continue reading

Class 5 – drama workshop

We had a visit from Ian of KIC Theatre today and as usual we had fun whilst learning about the moon landing nearly 50 years ago! Here are some interpretations of what being an astronaut onboard Apollo 11 might have felt like:

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