Forces in Action

To finish off their work on forces Yr.6 headed outside. They looked at reaction forces when using the scoot boards and friction on the different wheel types. They also used the bikes to complete different challenges including a slow bike race! They found that air resistance and friction slowed them down on the bike whilst Continue reading

Thermal Insulators

Today in science, Year 4 tested different materials to find which ones are good thermal insulators and which ones are not so good. Each group chose two materials and used them to wrap up their cups of water. Half the class were challenged to keep their hot water as hot as they could and the Continue reading

Paper Spinners

This morning Yr.6 continued their work on forces.  They created paper spinners and timed how long they took to fall to the ground.  They then worked in pairs to change one variable, some chose to vary the size of the wings, others the size of the spinner, the number of paper clips or the material Continue reading

Owls make Slime

Our science topic this term has been materials. Owls have been making slime using cornflour and water. It makes a liquid slime that appears to become solid when you put pressure on it. We had lots of fun exploring this strange liquid!

Forces in Yr.6

This morning Yr.6 did three experiments involving forces. 1. They designed a vehicle using Knex.  They then tested these vehicles using different surfaces on the ramps.  They found that friction was reduced if the surfaces were smoother.  Each group then entered their vehicle into a competition to see whose could travel the furthest. 2.Yr.6 were Continue reading

Air Resistance

This morning Yr.6 looked at air resistance in parachutes.  They decided which variable to test and then tried out three variations.  Some groups tested the material the parachute was made from, some the size of the parachute and others the number of layers.  They then selected their most effective parachute and dropped this from the Continue reading

Water Investigations!

This morning Yr.1 received a letter asking them to help Otto the otter from the story ‘The Otter who wanted to Hold Hands.’   Otto was scared of water and therefore wasn’t prepared to let go of his parents’ hands  Otto’s mum and dad wrote Owls a letter asking them to help convince Otto that water Continue reading


Yr.6 have been looking at dissolving. They found that they can separate mixtures using filtering but they couldn’t separate solutions using filtering. This was because the particles have dissolved and are so small they fit through the tiny holes in the filter paper.   They found out that they could separate solutions by evaporating the Continue reading

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