Class 3 – Science Investigation

As part of our learning about ‘Rocks and Soils’, we have been testing how permeable different soils are.  We collected samples of soil from different places and the children brought some samples from their own gardens.  It was messy but fun with everyone in each group having a role. 

Paper Circuits

To finish their work on circuits, Yr.6 made paper circuits using copper tape, coin batteries and LEDs. They all created a simple series circuit and then designed their own. It was quite fiddly but they persevered and made some excellent circuits.

Visit to Luben

Yr.6 were lucky enough to visit Luben yesterday.  They were shown yeast at different stages in its development and had a demonstration showing them how to make sour dough bread.  We were told all about lining the gluten strings up during the kneading process and how the respiration of the yeast causes the air holes Continue reading

Series and Parallel Circuits

Yr.6 have found that if you want to turn components off individually  they need to be in parallel circuits.  They have made both series and parallel circuits and compared the difference.  This morning they created a parallel circuit and transformed this into traffic lights using cellophane.  they then used Beebots and tried not to jump Continue reading

Bake off in Eagles!

Today we have been making Soda Bread. In Science we have been finding out about  foods that keep our bodies healthy, whilst in Literacy we are learning how to write a recipe by using bossy verbs. So next week we are going to try to remember the ingredients and method to write the recipe for our Continue reading

Microorganisms all Around Us!

Yr.6 have been investigating the conditions that affect how quickly microorganisms multiply. They designed an investigation to test this. Some groups used vinegar to try to preserve food, others changed the temperature or the type of food that was used.  We then left the samples for two weeks and looked at our results. Some had Continue reading

Conductors and Insulators

To continue with our electricity topic in science, we have been studying electric conductors and insulators. We carried out an experiment testing various materials to see whether or not they conducted electricity. The children enjoyed the challenge.

This week in Class 3

We are learning to write explanation texts this week and it is going well! We have thought about all the features of these texts and before we started writing we looked at our writing targets.  We have practised writing sentences with causal conjunctions.  We used some sentence building cards to help: Also, this week we Continue reading


Yr.6 have been looking at yeast in their microorganisms topic.  We were lucky enough to have a donation from Lubens of Sourdough starter and instructions as to how to use it.   We experimented with this fresh yeast and found that we needed to feed it regularly for it to respire.  We also carried out the Continue reading

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