Forces in Action

This week we have been investigating forces and how they can make objects move, change direction or just stop. In the playground, we explored how we can make different types of playground equipment move by using push, pull and twist forces! Then we came back to the classroom and recorded our findings by drawing what Continue reading

What do animals eat?

As part of our new topic Dangerous Animals we have been learning about what animals eat. We learnt that some animals, like lions, eat only meat – these are called carnivores. Some animals, like rabbits, eat only plants – these are called herbivores. And some animals, like us, eat both meat and plants – these are Continue reading

Lava Lamps

To culminate our work on Light and Reversible and Irreversible Reactions we made lava lamps in Science.  First we looked at how a real lava lamp worked.  We then created our own lava lamps by causing a chemical reaction in water and oil using an Alka Seltzer tablet.  We identified variables we could change which may Continue reading

Solar Eclipse

We went out to watch the Solar Eclipse today.  We knew that it was dangerous to look directly at the sun so we tried different methods to enable us to see the phenomena.  We used A4 paper with a pinhole to project the image onto a screen and we used colanders to project the image onto Continue reading

Fun Fit Food Workshop

After the Fun Fit Food Show assembly Years Five and Six were lucky enough to take part in a workshop. This involved more discussions about healthy diets, how to balance what you eat and the importance of exercise. The children did this in a variety of ways: answering questions, learning a dance routine and accompanying Continue reading

Grouping living things

In Science this term we are looking at our body parts and as part of this we have been thinking about how we are the same and how we are different. We sorted our selves into groups using some of our differences. We made a live pictogram to show our eye colour and then our Continue reading

Fruit Tasting

On Monday 9th March we had a special visit from Katie Jury. She works at Asda and she kindly brought along lots of different and unusual fruits for us to try, including dragon fruit, sharon fruit and papaya. It was a bit messy but we had loads of fun cutting, sharing, testing, feeling and tasting them Continue reading

Our Senses

Year One have been learning about ourselves in Science.  This week we looked at the five senses; touch, sight, taste, hearing and smelling.  We worked in groups to try and guess what items were using only one sense.  It was great fun but was also quite hard to do.  We wore blindfolds to try and Continue reading

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