Social Club

Social club- Week 5

This week in social club we have based our activities around Autumn. The children have decorated hedgehog pictures with leaves and painted trees using their handprints. We have also made scarecrows out of the inside of toilet rolls. Social club have used fruit and paint to make beautiful pictures. We have also played games and Continue reading

Social Club- Week 4

This week in Social Club we have enjoyed doing science. The children used skittles and water to create a rainbow in the water. We have also been in the computer suite and had a craft table throughout the week. Social club also watched a film and were treated to some popcorn! 

Social Club- Week 2

This week in Social club we have got the lego out and the children made houses, zoos and cars. We have also been in the computer suite. Social club have been busy working on our new school display. Lastly, the children have enjoyed the sunshine while playing in  the playground. 

Social Club – Week 1

This week in social club we have been extremely busy. The children have enjoyed spending evenings  out on the playground. We have played with the musical instruments, train sets and had the arts and crafts out.The children also used the bikes and chalks. We also had a very exiting water fight! 

Social club A – Last week!

This week in social club we have celebrated it being the end of year. We have also made our own play dough. This was a very enjoyable activity thanks to Mrs O’Callaghan. Today we have had an end of year party. We made party hats and played many games. The children had a brilliant time. 

Social Club A-Week 5

This week in social club we have been on the bikes in the playground. We have also used the clay. The children made candle holders or a model of their  favourite character. Social club enjoyed playing with the parachute. We played many different games and made a tent.

Social Club A- Week 4

This week in social club we have been super messy with the paper mâché! we are going to make hot air balloon. The children really enjoyed this activity. We have also spent time outside. The children played hide and seek and other games. We have also  used the paint  and been in the computer suite.

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