Social Club

Social Club A- Week 4

This week in Social club we have enjoyed playing basketball outside. We have also been gardening in the school playground. The children made Christmas tree decorations out of clay. On Wednesday we had spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. There were many messy faces after this yummy meal!

Social Club A – Week 3

We have been super busy in social club this week. The children have made their own dream catchers which were beautiful. On Thursday we played bingo. Social club enjoyed this so we played lots of games.On Friday we played with the parachute. The children loved sitting inside it to make a tent. 

Social Club B Week 2

We have had another great week in Social Club group B. The children made autumn watercolours and enjoyed the playfoam. We got the Lego and Duplo out to play and had a great game of Pictionary together in the hall. The older and younger children teamed up and helped each other create shelters and explore Continue reading

Social Club – Week 2

On Monday we enjoyed making diva pots as part of our RE Hindu focus week. The children loved the glitter! On Wednesday social club made remembrance crafts. The children used water colours to create pictures of poppies and tissue paper to make a silhouette of a solider. We have also played with lego, danced with Continue reading

Social Club B Week 1

Another busy week in Social Club Group B. Our week began with us making firework art using card and pastels, these are for a display within the school. We have played some board games in the hall along with ‘Charades’, enjoyed some games together on the computers as well as having fun colouring and watching Continue reading

Social club A week 1

This week in social club we have been doing activities around fireworks. The children have made firework drawings with wax crayons, finger painting and chalks. We have also made firework pictures on the computers. On Friday the children were extremely happy as they were given the opportunity to hold sparklers! 

Social club A week 5

This week in social club we have been very busy having games nights. The children taught each other how to play Monopoly and Uno. we have also used wax crayons and paint to make beautiful pictures. The children were able to do some gardening on Tuesday. On Friday we played on the scoot boards and Continue reading

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