Social Club

Social club – weeks 1 & 2

We have been very busy in social club these past two weeks. The children have enjoyed our cricket lessons on Thursdays and creating beautiful  beach collage pictures. We have spent a lot of time in the sunshine playing on the bikes and outdoor equipment. Lastly, we enjoyed an ice lolly on Friday! 

Social club -Week 4

This week in social club the children helped us do the gardening in the playground. We have played with the Lego and bikes. On Thursday we had cricket, the children were able to learn how to throw and catch correctly. Finally on Friday social club had a picnic dinner! The children really enjoyed this.

Social club -week 3

This week in social club the children have been busy planting cress that has been growing very nicely ! We have also played in the playground using the outside equipment. On Thursday we were very lucky to have a cricket workshop. Social club had a lot of fun and leant a lot about cricket!

Social club – week 1&2

In social club the children have been busy making kites. These were amazing ! We have also used the Lego to build towers and buildings. On Monday they played with the dressing up and we enjoyed ping-pong. This week some of the children helped with the gardening in the playground. 

Social club- Week 6

This week has been cracking in social club while have been celebrating Easter. The children have made Easter hats and cards. We have also been busy enjoying the computer suite, building with Lego and playing outside. To end the week the children got to have an Easter egg hunt! This was super egg-citing! 

Social club- week 6

This week in social club the children started to write their postcards for our new pen pals in France. We have also started to celebrate Easter by having an Easter egg colouring competition. The children have played games, been to the IT suit and painted flowers. 

Social club -week 5

During week 5 in social club the children played with the chalk out in the playground. We also used the new playground equipment. On Tuesday the children ate their dinner outside in the sunshine. We also made Mother’s Day cards using lots of chocolate!

Social Club – week 4

This week in social club the children have been making the most of the lovely weather. We have had ice creams outside and enjoyed using the new equipment. Playing with bubbles and used the equipment. On Friday the children created colourful aboriginal paintings. 

Social club – Week 3

This week in social club the children have played football and used the hula hoops. We have also played with bubbles and the Lego outside. On Thursday the children brought sheets in to create dens. This was so much fun! To end the week we watched a film and used the iPads.

Social club- Weeks 1&2

Last week in social club the children enjoyed making sculptures out of clay. This was super messy! We also played with dominos and used the water colours. Social club used coloured chalk to make beautiful pictures. On Friday we watched a film and some children decorated mini people.  This week we have played a traffic Continue reading

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