Eagles Exploring Plants

On Tuesday afternoon Eagles class took advantage of the sunshine and went out of school to explore the plants that grow in our immediate local area. We thought about what we already knew about plants before we left, then whilst we were out on the walk we sketched some of the plants we saw and Continue reading

Spiral Snakes

Ducklings have been looking at shapes in our environment. We looked at different snakes and shared our knowledge and understanding of their features. Some of us remembered the snake from Drusilla’s and how it felt when they stroked it. Using our safety skills we carefully designed our own snakes and cut them out creating a Continue reading

Eagles Family Worship

On Tuesday afternoon it was time for Eagles class to perform our family worship. We started off by singing Hosanna Rock as it’s one of our class favorites. We watched a video Mr O’Neon managed to capture of The St Eanswythe Dragon and we performed the ‘Talk For Writing’ actions we had learnt. Some of Continue reading


Yesterday Ducklings and Owls had a great first day back at school visiting Drusillas Park. After the long coach journey we arrived and went off to our special workshops. Owls had an exciting adventure story session which was also a great introduction to our new topic, adventures! After the story we got to meet lots Continue reading

Victorian Day in Year 5

We had a great day dressing up as Victorians. As you can see from the pictures, we spent the afternoon making marzipan fruits. These would have been a luxury and only available to the wealthiest families before the industrial revolution. We really couldn’t master the ‘no talking’ bit but we did manage to stand whenever Continue reading

Lullingstone Roman Villa

What an incredible day year 3 had at Lullingstone Roman Villa. We had the amazing Naomi lead us on our workshop which included a tour of different parts of the villa, a demonstration of how the hypocaust system worked using a model of the villa and a heat source (hairdryer), investigating the Roman strigil (which Continue reading

Roman Day

Today year 3 rocked the Roman look. We started the day, very excitedly, with a Roman Sandal Parade in worship followed by a fab lesson delivered by a local History teacher and one of the children’s parents. He taught us about features of Roman towns and our Folkestone Roman villa. The children then planned their Continue reading

KIC Theatre for Year 2

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get a session with KIC Theatre. As our topic this term is Castles, Knights and Dragons we were all thrilled to use what we have learned and act out some situations we might have faced living in a castle. We were split into groups and Continue reading

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