KIC Theatre

Ducklings were lucky enough to spend time with Ian from KIC Theatre. Our topic is the seaside so we spent our time planning a trip to the beach. We packed everything we would need into our imaginary backpacks and then set off on a journey around the school hall trying to find the beach. Once Continue reading

The Great Fire of London

During art this week we designed and decorated Tudor houses using materials which we have discovered would have been used in buildings of the time. Discussions were had about why the materials were preferred at the time and how and why they were altered after the Great Fire of 1666. Some of us decided that Continue reading

Eagles Bakers

In relation to our topic of The Great Fire of London we made bread. While preparing the dough we compared the differences of the texture and changes that occoured. Super strength was used to knead the dough creating a soft round roll. Great fun was had by all.

The Great Fire of London Bread

Today we were surprised by a special gift brought in for the class. A beautiful loaf of bread that was probably very similar to that which Thomas Farriner would have baked. It was divided up and all enjoyed the taste of freshly baked bread.  We discussed the differences of how it would have been baked Continue reading

Shackleton Home Learning

Eagles have been discovering different facts about the Antarctic and Ernest Shackleton’s Polar expedition. We have enjoyed creating different aspects of the landscape and environment.  Some children have created fact files, snow globes and igloos, as well as a collage of the frozen landscape. 

Eagles Pirate Day

To complete our topic about pirates we all came in dressed up. We chatted about our outfits and why female pirates had to dress the same as the male pirates. Outside in the playground were hidden treasures which we had to find and record on our Treasure Hunt sheets. 

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DT Cushions

Today we finally finished our cushions. In our DT lessons, the children have been learning…

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