Year 4’s European Feast!

To consolidate their learning about Europe Year 4 had a European tasting afternoon! They tried different foods and had to guess where they were from. They enjoyed trying new things and looking at traditional foods from other countries, as well as reflecting on traditional food we eat in England.

Year 3 Roman Day!

On Thursday, Year  3 had a Roman day! Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for the amazing Roman costumes. Year 3 learnt all about Roman food, writing their own Roman menus and shopping lists before having a feast and trying foods that would have been eaten in Roman Britain! We finished the day Continue reading

Europe Homework

In Year 4 we have had some amazing pieces of homework in from the options grid. We have had paintings, sketches, pictures, postcards, acrostic poems, maps, jokes, languages, a picture dictionary, a game, some cheese twists, a 3D puzzle and stories. Children have been planning holidays and costing them, comparing heights of famous buildings and Continue reading

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