Year 4 Drama Workshop

This afternoon we had a drama workshop facilitated by Ian from KIC Theatre. The activities followed our topic of transport and everyone had a great time and behaved fantastically as usual.

Canada Day

1st July is Canada Day, this is when as a country we remember all the Canadian soldiers that have fought for us especially in World War One. Over 60,000 Canadian soldiers gave their lives during that war alone. A memorial service takes place each year at the Canadian Servicemen’s graves at Shorncliffe, where approximately 300 children from Continue reading

Viking Ships Sail Successfully!

Yesterday Yr.6 went to sail their Viking ships in the lake at Kearsney Abbey.  They had worked hard to design and build their ships out of balsa wood.  Yesterday was a great test?  Would they float?  Would they be strong enough to withstand the races? All the ships survived round one, each boat was then raced Continue reading

Year 4 London Transport Museum

We had a super time in the London Transport Museum, we began by getting our trail sheets for stamping as we went round the exhibits. The trail followed the history of London transport beginning with horse drawn carriages and buses, early motorised buses and trams and moving on through the time of steam underground trains. There Continue reading

Year 4 London Traffic Survey

We continued with our transport topic looking out for vehicles in London, we saw a stretched limousine, the London Eye, a motorcycle with a roof and the amphibious Duck as well as all the usual modes of transport. We carried out traffic surveys in London, counting vehicles on the road passing under Waterloo Bridge and Continue reading

Ducklings topic this term is castles

This tem in Ducklings we are looking at castles. As part of this we have been looking at the jobs you’d find in a castle, such as: cooks, nobles, knights, soldiers, servants and jesters. The children have really enjoyed dressing up as knights, dancing to medieval music and becoming jesters. To be a jester they Continue reading

Ducklings trip to Wildwood

Ducklings trip to Wildwood was: fun, hot, enjoyable, adventurous and interesting. We boarded the coach with great anticipation for a trip ahead. When we arrived we were greeted by huge, black storks and ravens as we walked to the toilet stop. After using the toilet stop and leaving our lunch boxes we split off into Continue reading

Transport Survey

Today we carried out two mode of transport surveys in Folkestone. The first was about road traffic including cars, lorries, buses, bicycles, taxis and more. The other survey involved us counting the boats, ships and aeroplanes we saw in a set amount of time.

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