Year 3 And Kic Theatre

Kic Theatre came into school and we got to role play being Tudors. Some of us were really wealthy Tudors and some of us were very, very poor. Obviously the Tudors did a lot of fighting and even chopped peoples heads off! We loved it so much that we had to do another acting class Continue reading

Kick Theatre Drama Workshop

Last term, Eagles Class took part in an interactive drama workshop linked to our topic and The Great Fire of London. The children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the different stages and events that lead up to and followed the disaster of 1666.

World War Two – Assembly

Year 5’s Topic in the Spring term is World War Two, whilst the children have really enjoyed learning about this topic, they have also found elements of it harrowing, shocking and difficult to comprehend. They have approached the topic in a mature and sensible nature asking in depth and thought provoking questions. They have shown Continue reading

Owl Homes

Last term our topic was Creature Homes and everyone was given a homework project for the term to create an owl home. We watched a short film about where different owls lived and learnt some amazing facts. We learnt that elf owls are the smallest owls and they live in cacti, and snowy owls actually live on the Continue reading


On the 26 January, we had a drama workshop and we pretended to be different animals in their homes. We had great fun tunnelling through the earth as worms, meeting other rabbits in our warrens, being sly and crafty foxes and collecting nectar as bees.

Year 3 Explore London

Year 3 went to London and visited not only both the National Portrait Gallery and the National Art Gallery but they explored London as well! As part of our Tudor topic we studied Holbein and we all really enjoyed seeing his painting for real. We lunched in Trafalgar Square and then we explored London. We Continue reading

Natural History Museum Visit

Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum on 5th February as part of their topic on Interdependence and Adaptation.  We managed to look at a wide variety of flora and fauna within the museum. We also found an amazing section on rocks and minerals.  The children partook in a session in the investigate centre where Continue reading

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