The Museum of London

On Monday 13th April, our first day back at school, we went on a trip to London; our capital city! We visited The Museum of London and found out all about how it has changed over the years. We also looked at a gallery all about The Great Fire and  answered questions as a group, related Continue reading


As part of our learning we have been designing and making cot mobiles. All of the owls worked very hard on this intricate task today, with many accomplishing the art of tying knots!    

Trip to The Beaney

We went to The Beaney Gallery of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury today. As our topic is toys and games we started in the Enid Blyton exhibition and enjoyed dressing up as favourite characters, as well as driving the most famous car in Toyland! We then had the chance to play with some Victorian toys Continue reading

Our Tudor Projects

  As homework we were set the challenge of making something Tudor. It could really be anything but it had to be Tudor. The variety of things we made was amazing! Tudor Pasties, Tudor Sweets, a Tudor Headdress, Tudor Houses, Boats, The Globe Theatre and some truly exceptional paintings.

Women in World War One

The children in Year Five have been lucky enough to take part in a series of workshops about the roles of women in the First World War. The children have been very enthusiastic about the workshops and have managed to learn a lot and ask some very poignant questions. There will be more information coming Continue reading

The Beach

Amongst other topics this term Year 5 have been studying the coast, looking at things such as: erosion, human management, physical processes and the economical processes. The children have also thought about the different types of coast around the world.  They have discussed the impact of coastal defences or the lack of them. This culminated Continue reading

Year 3 And Kic Theatre

Kic Theatre came into school and we got to role play being Tudors. Some of us were really wealthy Tudors and some of us were very, very poor. Obviously the Tudors did a lot of fighting and even chopped peoples heads off! We loved it so much that we had to do another acting class Continue reading

Kick Theatre Drama Workshop

Last term, Eagles Class took part in an interactive drama workshop linked to our topic and The Great Fire of London. The children thoroughly enjoyed re-enacting the different stages and events that lead up to and followed the disaster of 1666.

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