Books of the Bible

Last week we completed a new display of the sixty six books of the Bible.  We used this in worship to learn about the different types of books and to help us to find different stories we know in the Bible.  Quizzes that we did showed the children had amazing knowledge.  We will continue to Continue reading

Easter Eggs

Yesterday Dave Barker from Cheriton Baptist Church led our worship. He talked about the new life that Jesus brings. Using the imagery of an Easter egg we considered what it represents. Four children and Mr Brinkley then had 30 seconds to show us how they ate a crepe egg. Mr Brinkley ate it whole! 

40 Acts of generosity

During worship this morning, we celebrated some of the acts of generosity that our children showed this week.  These included carrying each other’s bags, letting other people go first, walking to school, writing encouraging notes to staff, pupils and their families and helping each other when they were hurt.  We have some very generous children!

40 Acts, Generosity Challenge: Week 2

We have had and seen some lovely encouraging notes this week and been sent evidence of children letting other people go before them, walking to school and carrying each other’s bags.  At the football tournament, they were all trying to carry the most bags each!  It has been really lovely seeing the generosity of our Continue reading

Worship Leaders- Feeding the 5000

This morning the worship leaders helped us to think about the story of feeding the 5000. They presented the story and used questioning to involve many of the audience. As the children left the worship leaders handed out pieces of bread to remind us of the loaves which were shared in the Bible story.

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