Worship Leaders Hold a Quiz!

The worship leaders wrote their own quiz on our school Bible story about Zacchaeus. They put all of KS2 into their four houses, each with a team champion. The children discussed their answers in teams and the champion gave in the answers. There were some tricky questions and the children showed some amazing knowledge. 

Paul and Silas Worship

In Worship this morning Dave Barker told us the story of Paul and Silas. Some of the children acted out the story showing Paul and Silas in prison with some other prisoners. Although chained to the floor, Paul and Silas prayed and sang to God and he answered their prayers by sending an earthquake which Continue reading

Disciples Make A Team

In today’s worship we thought about working together in a team. We watched a clip of a team playing a grand piano together which made amazing sounds.  Everyone got together into teams and then had percussion instruments out for each group to create their own wonderful sounds together. There was some great teamwork going on Continue reading

Inauguration of Our New Vicar

Yesterday was an exciting evening as it was the inauguration of our new vicar,  Reverend John Walker.  It was a lovely service led by Bishop Rose. Our amazing FESIC choir sung brilliantly as part of the service. There were children representing St Eanswythe’s, Castle Hill, St Peter’s, St Mary’s and Christchurch. Everyone represented their schools Continue reading

Worship Leaders

This morning our worship leaders led KS2 worship, reminding us of our value of the term. They used an object lesson building a tower of bricks and then continued by recapping the Bible story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Everyone was then asked to get into groups and reenact their own versions of Continue reading

Watoto Choir

This morning, the whole school had a real treat.  They headed to Life Church to watch a performance by the Watoto choir.  The choir is a group of Ugandan children who were all orphaned at a young age.  The charity, takes the children in; places them into families and brings them up giving them some Continue reading

Simon Peter – The Fisherman

Dave Barker was led our Worship today, he read from Luke 5 in the Bible. While he read the story of how Jesus told Simon Peter and his crew to move his boat deeper and cast the nets on the other side, children acted out the parts. Having been fishing all night and catching nothing it Continue reading

Herod and the Wise Men

To finish off our Epiphany week, children acted out the story of Herod sending the wise men to find the new King so he would know where he should go to worship him too. Of course we know that Herod was not being truthful, so the rest of the school really enjoyed booing Herod. As Continue reading

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