Year 1

Buddy Park Trip

Today, Year 6 headed to the coastal park with their buddies and enjoyed some play time together. The weather was absolutely beautiful and fun was had by all! It really has been so lovely to watch these relationships blossom over time; some very special friendships have been made!

Folkestone Fishing Museum

As part of our learning on the history of Folkestone fishing, Owls visited the Folkestone fishing museum. The children walked around the museum and looked at different artefacts. Afterwards they were able to pose questions to two local fishermen. We found out that they have been fishing during storms, caught hundreds of fish and that Continue reading

Year 1’s Plant Pots

Over the past few weeks in DT, Owls have been planning, sculpting and decorating their own plant pots. First they used a computer program to digitally plan their plant pot design and then had a go at planning it using pastels. Following that they began sculpting their clay into a plant pot by rolling it Continue reading

Year 1 Flowers

In Science we went for a walk to the pond to hunt for flowers. On our way we could see flowers all throughout the Bayle! The children used a flower identification sheet to find out the names of some of the flowers they came across. Afterwards, they picked their five favourite flowers and designed their Continue reading

Leaf Detectives

Today in Science the children became leaf detectives and had to identify the names of six leaves. They used magnifying glasses to examine the shape, colour, texture and size of each leaf to see if it matched the leaf they were looking for. In the end, the children managed to identify the leaves of holly, Continue reading

Stems and Roots!

In Science we have been learning all about the importance of stems and roots. The children washed away soil to reveal lots of wiggly, thin roots and then thought of different adjectives to describe the roots. After that they began an experiment with carnations, they cut the stems at an angle and immersed them into Continue reading

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