Year 2

Science in Eagles

This term we are taking a closer look at materials and their properties. This afternoon we ran an experiment to see which of the 5 materials, that we had chosen, would be the most absorbent. Each group had a different test to find this out. Group 1 had to make a small puddle of water Continue reading

Drama Workshop Year 2

This morning Eagles took part in a drama workshop. Ian from Kic Theatre came in to talk about our topic – The Great Fire of London. We discussed how the fire started and then pretended to be the Farrinor family baking the bread and cleaning the bakery. Then when the fire started we acted out Continue reading

Christmas Makes

Eagles got to do a bit of sparkle and shine yesterday! We all had a plain bauble and the idea was to decorate it with as much glitter and shiny snowflakes as they could! Well by the end of the afternoon we had some super glittery baubles and a fabulous glittery floor!

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Heating Materials

This morning Yr.6 heated materials and identified if the changes caused by heating were chemical…

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