Year 2

Eagle Scientists

As a class we have been comparing difference materials. We carried out a scientific experiment to investigate which materials would be suitable for creating a water proof garment. Taking turns, we shared our ideas and understanding of the different materials and whether they would be absorbent and used a pipet to gently drop water on Continue reading

The Great Fire of London Bread

Today we were surprised by a special gift brought in for the class. A beautiful loaf of bread that was probably very similar to that which Thomas Farriner would have baked. It was divided up and all enjoyed the taste of freshly baked bread.  We discussed the differences of how it would have been baked Continue reading

Eagles Independent Learning

Eagles have been busy this week building their ideas for their Independent Learning. Some of the projects have to be left to dry before they can be refined. We have showed understanding of planning and researching an idea before beginning it, then allowing time to decide how we will finish it.  

Eagles Water Colour Pictures

During our Art Lesson this week we experimented with water colours and a black crayon, we outlined the City of London as the Great Fire began in the early hours. Using our knowledge and understanding from our Talk for Writing, we were able to depict the luminocity of the fire in the distance.  Great care Continue reading

Eagles PE

Today we learnt a new game called Dodge Ball. Using our ability of changing direction, as fast as the wind, we skillfully ran the gauntlet from one end of the hall to the other. We supported each other with cheering and congratulated those who managed to dodge the ball.

Eagles PE

Today in PE we used our throwing skills to carefully score points in the hoops. It was our choice to decide if it was better to throw over or under arm. During the lesson we demonstrated our team work, listening skills and followed safety rules when throwing the bean bags being aware of others around Continue reading


In Ducklings this week, the children continued using technology in order to create their own dinosaur music. The children used a programme on Purple Mash called, 2Beat. Using this programme the children experimented with creating a repeating beat, adding different drums, claps and symbols. The children also explored how to change the tempo / speed Continue reading

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Eagle Scientists

As a class we have been comparing difference materials. We carried out a scientific experiment…

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