Year 2

Eagle Class Summer Term

Hello everyone,  I hope you all had an amazing Easter.  Attached is the year 2 termly letter and homework grid for this term. Our topic is growing so if anyone has any seeds, flowers or plants which we could grow in class, please send them in with your child. Many thanks,  Mr O’Neon

Netball in Year 2

Today in PE Eagles Class used the skills we have been learning this term and played some games of Netball against each other. Everyone worked fantastically in their teams and remembered all the skills we have been learning. We are going to finish our tournament later in the week and find out who the winning Continue reading

KIC Theatre for Year 2

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get a session with KIC Theatre. As our topic this term is Castles, Knights and Dragons we were all thrilled to use what we have learned and act out some situations we might have faced living in a castle. We were split into groups and Continue reading

Beach Day!

Last week Ducklings, Owls and Eagles all had a fun day out at the beach and Coastal park. The sun was shining and everyone had an amazing time! The children made sandcastles, dug holes, chased bubbles, played with skipping ropes, balls and frisbees! Afterwards, we sat and ate our lunch in a beautiful shaded area Continue reading

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Creative Day

Today we should have been exploring the rainforest biome at Kew Gardens but as that…

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