Year 2

Eagles Boxing

On Tuesday we had a fabulous time learning the basic skills of boxing. The children were able to learn how to stand and move as a boxer, as well as learning the names of different moves, such as jab, duck and hook. We played a variety of different games which used these skills in fun Continue reading

Mathematics Club – Year 2

Today we had a fantastic math’s club. We enjoyed adding two, 2 digit numbers using the tens and ones equipment, as well as using the column method on whiteboards.  We also solved ‘secret’ problems using UV torches. Finally, we explored different fractions! Well done everyone! 

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch

Today we had a fantastic afternoon picnic, based around the book, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. The story is about a lighthouse keeper who is having trouble transporting his lunch. The children enjoyed recreating some elements of his lunch, including lighthouse sandwiches, iced sea biscuits and lots of fresh fruit. We also enjoyed eating pancakes to Continue reading

Skateboarding and Scootering Workshop

Today, Yrs 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 took part in a fantastic scootering and skateboarding workshop. The children were shown how to manoeuvre safely on the skateboards and scooters as well as test themselves when learning new skills. It was a pleasure to see the children supporting and motivating each other. The behaviour from all classes was Continue reading

A Trip Back In Time

Yesterday the Eagle class had an amazing visit to Luben’s Pizza restaurant. We wanted to experience a little of what Thomas Farriner’s life was like, working in a bakery in 1666. The children enjoyed learning how the bread base was made and shaped. They then got to shape and prepare their own bread based pizza Continue reading

Eagle Gymnastics

The Eagles class enjoyed using the large gymnastics equipment today. We explored different ways of travelling, jumping and holding our own body weight. Each child also challenged themselves to go higher than they had previously, whether that was the first bar or the final bar. Well done Eagles!

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