Year 3

Sunny Sands

Today Ducklings and Years 3 and 4 all went to the Sunny Sands beach. Children dug holes, built castles and created many other things with the sand, they also looked in the rock pools, some rescued a fish and many did lots of paddling in the sea.

KS2 Sports Day

After a picnic lunch at Radnor park all of KS2 headed to The Three Hills for Sports Day. Every child took part in several events ranging from novelty races to relays and flat running races. Everyone did their best and there were some very competitive races! The children worked in their houses winning points for Continue reading

Art Workshop

Yesterday a group of children participated in an art workshop, we met with three lovely ladies Tania, Thurle and Constance and walked along to STEVE, which is one of the sculptures in the fish market. The children used wax crayons to take rubbings of Steve and the surrounding surfaces, we then went to Block 67 Continue reading

Penshurst Place

Last week Year 3 visited Penshurst Place. We began our visit with a tour of the rooms that were once used by Tudor monarchs. We started off in the Baron’s Hall where Henry VIII once attended a three day long party! We then explored the vast and magnificent gardens before having lunch and playing in Continue reading

Year 3 Bushcraft!

Year 3 had a fantastic day at Bushcraft! We loved being outdoors and learnt lots of skills, including how to build a shelter (den!), how to light a fire and how to tie strong knots. Some of us also toasted marshmallows and even tried nettle tea! We had an amazing day and were brilliantly behaved!

Pebble Painting Workshop

On Monday, some classes took part in a pebble painting workshop which involved painting or decorating pebbles which will be used to remember soldiers who fought for our country in WW2. East Cliff Creative led the workshop and explained how the pebbles will be used to create poppies not only in Folkestone, but also Belgium. Continue reading

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Drama Workshop

This afternoon all of Year 4 participated in a drama workshop. Claire and Ryan visited…

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