Year 3

Year 3 Go Reading

On this lovely sunny afternoon, it was Year 3 that went to Pelham House to delight the residents with their story reading and chat. Lots of the residents were eagerly awaiting our arrival today and some came to the window to wave to us on our departure as well.


Last term year 3 were looking at features of castles as part of their DT project, including: towers, turrets, battlements, moats, gatehouses, curtain walls, drawbridges and flags. The children then planned their own castle design to include some of these and set about construction. This term instead of making structures from junk modelling (which we Continue reading

Year 3 Topic Letter – Extreme Earth

Dear Parents, for term 5, our topic is: Extreme Earth In English, we will be exploring a variety of different poetry styles, developing the children’s understanding of metaphors, similes and alliteration. This will also help them to develop their use of adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We will then move onto writing exciting story settings, developing Continue reading

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