Year 3

Natural Dyes

The theme of Art this term in Year 3 is Cave Art, linking to their topic of Stone Age to Iron Age. This week’s Art lesson involved extracting colour from different fruits and vegetables. The children had blackberries, strawberries, beetroot, mint, purple cabbage and turmeric to explore. The classroom, as you can imagine, smelt amazing. Continue reading

Sedimentary Rocks

This term Year 3 have been learning about Rocks and Soils as part of our Science topic. We have looked at how the different types of rocks are made, examples of these rocks and have started to investigate how permeable and durable they are. To try and help the children remember how sedimentary rocks are Continue reading

Year 3 Swimmers

A small group of Year 3 children have been thoroughly enjoying their morning swim at Christ Church School this week and Mr Wick and Mrs Crockford have been singing their praises. This group of children have had a mini intensive course to help perfect and strengthen their swimming techniques, as well as boosting their confidence Continue reading

PSHE – Emotions

This term in Year 3 we are exploring ‘All About Me’ and today we looked at emotions that we feel. We discussed the names of different emotions and thought really carefully about what those emotions may look like and feel like, this was much trickier than we first thought. The children talked in a safe Continue reading

How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth

After the complete downpour this morning, Year 3 headed on to the playground to gather clues about their new book. The children looked very closely and came up with some great suggestions about what the book might be about. Discovering the giant footprints, lots of children thought it might be about the Gruffalo, Big Foot Continue reading

Perseverance in Year 3!

In PSHE today Year 3 were learning all about our value of the term – perseverance. We thought about times in our lives where we have simply given up and how this made us feel. We then talked about times in our lives where we have already shown perseverance. It was then time for some Continue reading

Year 3 KIC theatre

Yesterday we travelled to the Amazon Rainforest with Ian from KIC theatre. We had to concentrate on displaying our emotions through our face and body movements. We started off packing up our bags, losing our passports and then finding them before heading on to the plane. Once we arrived we had to show how different Continue reading

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