Year 4

Yr 4 Cross Country

Today Yr 4 were awarded medals for their great running in a recent cross country activity. The children had to run for a distance of 800m. Some children really enjoyed the whole thing, others did seem to be running out of steam as they neared the end, however they persevered and the satisfaction on their Continue reading

Yr 3/4 Golf

Both Years 3 and 4 have been participating in four different golf activities, Grand National, Tunnel Ball, Zone Ball and Go For Green. The children used chipper clubs to do the games that required the ball to gain height and putters for activities involving accuracy along the ground. Points were earned by hitting particular coloured Continue reading

Melting Ice and Chocolate

Today in science Year 4 tested to see which would melt quickest two giant chocolate buttons or a much larger ice cube. The children really enjoyed using a large tealight candle as a heat source and were amazed to see the different outcomes. The ice melted more slowly compared to the chocolate that started to Continue reading


Years 4 and 6 had a very busy day which involved a lot of bouncing. We were lucky enough to go to The Three Hills and participate in trampolining. There were four full size trampolines out. The children were taught several skills and took it turns to try out some moves. Every child then learnt Continue reading

London Landmarks

Year 4 really enjoyed learning to recognise pictures of London landmarks with their name and then playing matching pairs with the cards. We then tried to see how many other places or people of importance they could name.


Yesterday Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 were all lucky enough to have had the chance to participate in some archery lessons. The children played some warm up games whilst also learning about waiting and shooting lines and targets. They went on to find out how to stay safe and about various parts of a bow Continue reading

Year 4 Term 6

Dear Parent/ Carer I hope you had a nice half term holiday. During the final term, year 4 will be covering the following topics: Literacy:          We will be continuing our work on playscripts and stories from other cultures, we will also be improving our reading comprehension skills. Throughout the term spelling, grammar and punctuation Continue reading

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