Year 5

Pelham House and Yr 5

Today seven children from Year 5 went to Pelham House to read to the residents. A great time was had by all as the children chatted and read to the very lovely residents who were delighted to spend time with the pupils. To make it a real treat the children were rewarded for all their Continue reading


Year 5 had an incredibly busy and productive term in our DT sessions. Not only did they get to assemble and test their spaghetti truss bridges but they then used these as a prototype to create their own wooden truss bridges. This was truly amazing to see and not only did they work brilliantly as Continue reading

Fish Out Of Water MCDC Dance Company

Today years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch a dance performance and then year 5 enjoyed a workshop.  Fish Out Of Water is a fresh, multi-disciplinary outdoor dance performance, which explores themes ofbelonging, otherness, displacement and migrancy. It was an interactive world of hip hop &contemporary dance, colourful sculptures and live, responsive Continue reading

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