Year 5

Burning Materials In Science

This week Year 5 had a fun morning experimenting with burning materials in science.  To begin with, we looked at the fire triangle and understood that all three components had to be present to create fire; if one component was removed, the triangle was broken therefore extinguishing the fire.   The children had an array of Continue reading

Circus Time!

This week in gymnastics, we focused on performing skills and choregraphing routines. The children chose between hula hoops, pom poms or ribbons to make their routine effective. The routine had to include certain elements such as a balance, a roll and involve different levels. They worked incredibly well in their groups and produced some exciting Continue reading


In Ducklings this week, the children continued using technology in order to create their own dinosaur music. The children used a programme on Purple Mash called, 2Beat. Using this programme the children experimented with creating a repeating beat, adding different drums, claps and symbols. The children also explored how to change the tempo / speed Continue reading

Year 5 Christmas Art Creative Afternoon

Last week, Year 5  created some beautiful Christmas decorations as part of an artist focused creative afternoon. Our artist was Picasso. We thought about Picasso’s life and his contribution to art. We focussed on Cubism and looked at the different features of cubist art. After creating a very detailed and descriptive double page spread in Continue reading

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