Year 5

Judaism in Year 5

This term we have been learning about the Jewish religion and how it is celebrated. We have looked at the different Synagogues around the country and the treasures they hold inside, such as the Sidhar, Torah, Ark and Eternal Flame. Today we learnt how to play a game that is often played during Hanukkah. It Continue reading

Year 5 – Victorians

Today we have looked at how children lived in the Victorian era and what sort of games they played and the toys they sometimes had to make themselves. We have an assortment of Victorian toys in the classroom which include; whip and top, pop guns, ball and cup, a china doll and a Victorian perambulator. Continue reading

Year 5 Rounders

Today we took full advantage of the lovely weather to play Rounders outside. We are learning the rules and regulations of the game as well as having a really fun time playing it. We have some surprisingly strong players of the game in our class, considering some of us haven’t played before!

William Morris Monoprinting

On Friday, during our Art session, Year 5 have been studying William Morris. Last week we learnt about who William Morris was and what he was famous for. We looked at different examples of his wallpaper designs and learnt that his patterns were inspired by nature, with many containing leaves, flower and animals. This week Continue reading

Victorian Day in Year 5

We had a great day dressing up as Victorians. As you can see from the pictures, we spent the afternoon making marzipan fruits. These would have been a luxury and only available to the wealthiest families before the industrial revolution. We really couldn’t master the ‘no talking’ bit but we did manage to stand whenever Continue reading

Year 5 Summer Term 1

Dear Parent/Carer Welcome back to Summer! I hope you have had a relaxing Easter holiday and have been enjoying the amazing sunshine we were lucky to have. Topic: We will continue our topic of Victorians, looking at Victorian schools and Victorian inventions. Science: We are going to be investigating The Art of Living; including plant Continue reading

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