Year 6

Ancient Greek Models

Yr.6 have created some amazing creations based on ancient Greece for their homework. They range from cakes with Greek alphabet decorations to masks and clay models. I’m sure you’ll agree they are excellent and very creative. Well done Yr.6!

Making Bread

As part of their work about microorganisms Yr.6 baked bread. They found that yeast is actually alive and therefore does all seven life processes. It is the yeast which makes the bread rise. They realised that microorganisms can be helpful as well as harmful. The bread tasted good too!

Parallel and Series Circuits

After recapping on circuit diagrams and their symbols year 6 looked at the difference between series and parallel circuits. They found that in a series circuit if one component breaks, they all turn off. In contrast, in a parallel circuit you can have each component working separately. There were some excellent discussions and some great Continue reading

Mouldy Experiments!

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 are investigating what affects how quickly mould grows. The children considered the variables they could change and then worked in groups to select one to test. They chose some interesting experiments including the amount of salt, the amount of water, the type of food, the size of Continue reading

Clip and Climb

Today, after school, twenty children from years 5 and 6 headed to the new Clip and Climb activity at Dover Sports Centre. Everyone had a brilliant time trying out each of the sixteen different challenge walls which ranged from wobbly ladders to twisting footholds. Some were more tricky than others. All the children persevered and Continue reading

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