Year 6


Year 6 have been working hard to get their Bikeability awards.  This course enabled students to have the confidence and knowledge required to ride their bikes safely on the roads.  the children learnt basic road rules, signs, signalling, turning and road safety. We had 28 children achieve their Level 1 award and 18 children achieve their Level 2 award!  Continue reading

Reversible and Irreversible Reactions

Year 6 have been looking at reversible and irreversible reactions.  We have looked at how sometimes combining or heating substances makes mixtures which can be separated and returned to their original state.  We found that melting is just a physical change and a reversible reaction.  However, burning is a chemical change and is irreversible.  We have Continue reading

War Horse Showing

On Saturday 24th January Yr. 6 went to see a screening of War Horse at Folkestone Cinema.  This was the culmination to an extensive project on the works of Michael Morpurgo. As part of this project the children have read several of Michael Morpurgo’s books and studied his writing. They have ‘magpied’ several ideas from Continue reading

Year 6 at the Paralympic Roadshow

On Friday 29th February Yr.6 attended a Paralympic Roadshow at The Three Hills.  The children got to participate in Wheelchair Basketball and Seated Volleyball giving them an understanding of these sports and an awareness of life with a disability.

Paralympic Gold for Year 6

On Wednesday 4th February Year 6 had a visit from Tim Prendergast a Paralympic gold medallist!  He worked with them on a session about achieving your goals as part of the INSPIRE project.  Year 6 have since been working to plan a workshop for their Yr.1 buddies along the same lines.

Natural History Museum Visit

Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum on 5th February as part of their topic on Interdependence and Adaptation.  We managed to look at a wide variety of flora and fauna within the museum. We also found an amazing section on rocks and minerals.  The children partook in a session in the investigate centre where Continue reading

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