Year 6

What is love?

In worship last week we were looking at 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 ‘Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, love cannot be easily angered, love rejoices in the truth and does not delight in evil, love keeps no record of wrongs.  Love is not rude or selfish but Continue reading


Over the last few days we have had lots of fun.  Tiki time got competitive with groups competing against each other to earn points for different challenges!  We have created word pictures showing the character traits of the main characters in Wonder, designed working skate parks for fingerboards in our STEM challenge, done some curling Continue reading


One of the girls in Year 6 received lovely gifts from the buddy that she first met when she was only in Year 4 and the little buddy was preparing to start her school life here at St Eanswythe’s School. The gift was a thank you for making starting school so much easier and being Continue reading

Week 4 in 6B

This week in our 6B bubble we have been spending time with each other whilst doing some fun activities. The children have started to create a bedroom in a box, spent time at the Bayle Pond and created their own air pressure rocket, although we have had difficulties with launching them. We have held a Continue reading


We have had a busy start to our week.  We have finished our book -Wonder by R Palicio and watched the film version of the story.  We have spent some time comparing the two and discussing our preferences.  We have also played games on scoot boards and played indoor hockey modified games,  solved some tricky Continue reading


Over the last few days we have had lots of fun.  We have completed two STEM challenges: designing and building a working catapult and a working zip line. Jessie and Lilly even managed to design a safety cord for their zip line which prevented their playmobil person from hurting themselves in an emergency!  We have Continue reading

Hope and Courage

In Worship over the past week we have been thinking about hope and courage, which is particularly relevant at this difficult time. We have thought about how stories in the bible relate to our lives today. The children made colourful rainbows showing appreciation to NHS and other key workers as well as hope for the Continue reading

Week 3 in 6B

This week we have welcomed back some more Year 6 and  been having more fun. We have played money bingo and been solving problems in Numeracy. Enjoying the water in a paddling pool and squirting each other with the water pistols have been favourites in this warm weather. In drama the children have started creating Continue reading


Yr.6A have enjoyed the sun so far this week and had water fights both at the Bayle Pond and in the playground.  They have also used water guns to squirt paint in the style of the artist Jackson Pollock, cooked milk chocolate cookies, played rounders and badminton, re potted their bean seeds which have grown Continue reading


Over the last two days Yr.6A have trained Tiki in agility; done lots of work based around the book they are reading – ‘Wonder’ by R J Palico; worked with tangrams in maths and done mathematical challenges in teams; designed soft baseballs; worked to design a boat which would hold the most weight using only Continue reading

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