Year R

Kic Theatre

Ducklings enjoyed participating in the Kic Theatre workshop with the support of Ian. We all listened to instructions and joined in by taking turns. Ian asked us facts about our topic of Dinosaurs and was amazed by our knowledge of the subject. We finished off the session with our great impressions of dinosaurs moving by Continue reading

Computing in Ducklings

Ducklings have been using the iPads to log on and discover different number games. We all had our own code to enter to log on and open up our program. Some of them were quite tricky but when we listened to the instructions it became easier to follow the challenge.  

Comparing Lengths

Ducklings have been looking at different ways of measuring this week. We compared people in the class by height spotting who was tallest, we also compared if it was longer or shorter in time to walk or run around the playground. During activities we measured using different resources of Duplo and playdough. Finally we discovered Continue reading

Ducklings Counting in Twos

Ducklings have been learning about counting in twos and looking at where we can find pairs in our environment. In the class we made a bus and had to either add when passengers got on or subtract when they got off. During activities we sorted gloves and socks into pairs and some of us went Continue reading

Ducklings World Book Day

Today we enjoyed a trip to the local book shop with our Buddies to spend our Book Tokens. We waited for our turn to go into the shop to choose our books then took them to the counter to pay. We couldn’t wait to get back to school to share our books.

Ducklings Dinosaur Picnic

Today the Ducklings prepared a Dinosaur Picnic. We read the story titled ‘How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food’ then enjoyed a selection of activities preparing our own food. Taking care before we began to wash our hands then move around the class to create fruit kebabs, sandwiches and chocolate crispy cakes. We discussed how we Continue reading

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