Parent Surveys

As part of our new vision, we are looking at ways in which we help our children to flourish. We feel that flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly inspiring environment.

Thank you for 68 completed surveys in regards to this topic at our last Parents’ Evening. Please find above and below a selection of quotes from the surveys.

In answer to the question ‘How does St Eanswythes school help pupils to flourish?’

‘The school go the extra mile for the children’

‘Varied curriculum and learning outside the classroom’

‘Encouraging creativity’

‘By treating pupils as individuals’

‘Staff are sympathetic and open to their needs’

‘The school has created a very nurturing environment which I think makes all pupils feel safe and part of a family’

‘Strong sense of community’

‘Great consistent support’

‘Children are encouraged to be respectful, open, courteous and accepting of others’

‘By caring for them holistically’

‘All the staff seem to know all the pupils’

‘Learning is not confined to the classroom’

‘Emotional support for parents’

‘It’s a very nurturing school that has always been very supportive and caring towards my children’

‘Extremely supportive of emotional needs, in turn helping focus on academic learning’

‘Approachable staff’

‘Varied and inventive curriculum’  

‘Atmosphere of respect and happiness that permeates the school’

‘Teaching pupils to help each other and be understanding of others’

‘Open channels of communication’

‘The buddy scheme’

‘Through worship and singing’

‘Children are helped to make their own decisions and choices, which helps teach independence’

‘Emotional health is a priority’

‘By teaching good morals and values’

‘Involvement in community projects’

‘Tiki the dog!’

‘Great sporting development, in and outside of school’

‘Lots of exciting opportunities’

‘All the educational trips and talks’

‘Interesting lessons’

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