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Home Learning

We have added a new ‘Home Learning’ section, with links to each of the year groups – you will find the relevant home learning advice, homework grids, suggested timeframes and many other varied online learning resources.

Closure of Educational Settings Information closure of educational settings – information for parents and carers

An informative video to share with your children if they’ve any questions

Latest Parent Letters – 15th June

Previous Parent Letters

Dear Parent/Carer,

Thank you to all those parents in YrR, 1 & 6 who have let us know whether your children are going to return to school when we reopen. If you have not yet let us know please email Mrs Perkins directly This would really help us with the planning regarding numbers, groupings and staffing. The decision whether to send your child to school is a personal one and there is no expectation from school either way.

The government are not going to finalise their decision regarding the opening of schools until Thursday 28th May. Although we have done a comprehensive risk assessment and have a detailed plan in place for opening; we do not feel that we can ensure all of these risks can be addressed in the time between the announcement and 1st June.

We are proposing that Monday 8th June would be the earliest return date as this will give us the time to properly ensure safety measures are in place. This will also give an additional week for R to decrease and for the government to further develop their testing and track and trace procedures. All of which will help to reduce the risk.

Keyworker school will continue to run as normal until a government decision is announced.

We will be in contact after the government’s announcement with further details for each group of children who will be attending. In the meantime, we hope that you and your families stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as safely possible.

With Warm Regards

Miss Laws and Mrs O’Callaghan

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly, we hope that you and your families are managing in these strange and difficult times. The last few months have been challenging for all of us. We also recognise the extra effort you have all been going to add home schooling to your list of jobs.

As you will be aware, the government has announced plans to begin reopening primary schools. Initially this will be for Year R, 1 and 6 only, along with those children of key workers, who are already in school.

The earliest date that this will happen is 1 June 2020. However, this date is subject to change depending on the rate of infection being maintained to below 1. The reopening is conditional on the five tests, which the government has outlined, being met.

When this first phase of children return to school those pupils in Yr.2/3/4 and 5 will continue to have home learning provided by their class teachers in the same way that they have so far.

We understand that this news will bring a wide range of mixed emotions and acknowledge these concerns. We will do everything we can to make school as safe as possible for the children. The decision whether to send them back at this time though, is down to you as parents. If you choose to keep them at home you will not receive a fine for non-attendance and can continue to home educate them in the way you have been doing so far during this pandemic.

As you will appreciate, we can never make the school completely socially distant but we will work hard to minimise the risks to your children. They will be returning to a very different school.

We have had between 12 and 30 children in every day since the lockdown began, with staff coming in on a rota basis, all children and staff have remained safe and well and have enjoyed their time together.

Those children who are eligible to return to school will be split into smaller class groups to minimise risks. Your child will be placed in a group of 15 or less children from their year group. They will also have a teacher and one or two TAs who will remain with the same group of children. This will become their new social group until restrictions are eased further.

Your child will only have contact with children within their group. The following actions will be taken to further minimise risk and contact with other children.

  • Staggered starts and finish times to the school day
  • Use of different entrances for each year group
  • Staggered lunch and playtimes so that they only play with children in their group
  • Handwashing before and after each activity
  • Separate toilets and hand washing stations
  • In addition to the normal daily cleaning at the school regular ‘deep’ cleans have been booked. Also door handles, bannisters and other shared surfaces will be regularly cleaned.
  • There will be no ‘mass’ gatherings during the school day – worship will happen in classrooms.

We recognise that returning to school may well be a challenge for many children. We will therefore be focusing on plenty of fun and wellbeing activities. Whilst academic learning and routine are important this must be balanced with supporting the children’s emotional state. The week will consist of a mixture of academic, creative and physical activity.

We will update you further with specific details of how this will work when we have confirmation of dates from the government. In the meantime please contact the school by emailing Mrs Perkins directly or phoning 01303 255516 between 8:30am and 3pm if you would like to discuss your concerns. We could be in this situation for many months to come and we feel it is important to try to find a way forward.

If your child is in Yr.R, Yr.1 or Yr. 6 please email Mrs Perkins letting us know whether you intend to send your child in if we were to open on 1 June.

With thanks

Miss Laws and Mrs O’Callaghan

Should I Self-Isolate?

It is also important to self-isolate if you, your children or anyone you have been in close contact with has a high temperature or shows other symptoms of the virus. If you are in any doubt then our advice is to call 111 and they will advise you further. If you or a member of your family is coughing or runs a temperature then the whole family need to self isolate for fourteen days.

At present evidence is also showing that children are at the lowest risk when it comes to catching the Coronavirus. Children make up a very small percentage of worldwide cases of the virus and the symptoms are nearly always extremely mild. Currently it is the older members of our population who are most at risk or anyone with an underlying health condition.

School Clubs & Events

Cancelled Clubs: All clubs with the exception of Breakfast

Continuing Clubs: Breakfast

Cancelled Events: Mothers’ Day Tea Party, PTFA Discos, Easter Fair, Easter Church Service, Year 1 Family Worship, Ducklings Family Worship

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