Coronavirus Updates

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times

Understandably, many children will be anxious about returning to school, as they have not be able to attend for a while. To help with transition, they will remain with their current class teacher for the first three days when they return to school. They will then move into their new class and begin with their new teachers from Monday 7th September.

Owls: Front Entrance: Arriving 8.15 -8.25 and Leaving 3pm.

Eagles: Woodward Hall: Arriving 8.30-8.40 and Leaving 3pm

Year 3: Playground: Arriving 8.30-8.40 and Leaving 3pm.

Year 4: Playground: Arriving 8.15 -8.25 and Leaving 3.10.

Year 5: Front Entrance: Arriving 8.30-8.40 and Leaving 3.10.

Year 6: Woodward Hall: Arriving 8.15 -8.25 and Leaving 3.10.

If you have any further queries, we are contactable by phone 01303 255516 and by email

Staff will also be able to answer any questions you have when you drop off or collect your child.

Return To School (September 2020)

In accordance with Government directives, all children will be based in their own class bubble. They will only be mixing with children from their own class and at times with their buddy’s class too. Children from different bubbles will not mix. In order to maintain the integrity of these groups we have introduced staggered start and finish times to the school day, and are using all three entrances to enter and leave the school building.

As parents, you will need to commit to being on time to both drop off and collect your child/children. If you are late for any reason then you will need to wait with your child (socially distancing from other parents/carers and children) until the last group has entered the building and then bring your child to reception after 9am.

A member of staff from their bubble will meet your child outside the school. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school during drop off and collection times. This is to reduce the number of people on the school site in the interest of infection control. As children arrive in school, there will be a hygiene station. All children will be required to sanitise their hands before they enter the school.

The following additional actions will be taken to further minimise risk and contact with other children.

  1. Staggered lunch and playtimes so that they only play with children in their group
  2. Hand washing before and after each activity
  3. Separate toilets and hand washing stations
  4. In addition to the normal daily cleaning at the school regular ‘deep’ cleans have been booked. Also door handles, bannisters and other shared surfaces will be regularly cleaned.
  5. There will be no ‘mass’ gatherings during the school day – worship will happen in class groups

Parents should come into the school building only when strictly necessary. We are contactable by phone 01303 255516 and by email

If you do need to come to the school office we are only allowing three people in the front entrance at a time and you must queue at least 2m apart from each other. Lines are marked to support you with these distancing measures.

Finally, please ensure that whilst waiting to collect/drop of your child you are socially distancing from other parents and children.

Latest Government Advice closure of educational settings – information for parents and carers

What Should My Child Bring / Not Bring To School?

We are limiting items travelling between home and school. However, children will need to bring a bottle of water as the water fountains are turned off. They may also bring in a packed lunch box if they do not want a school meal. Children will need to bring their reading books and P.E. kits but no school bags. Nothing else is required from home.

Please note children will need to wear full school uniform.

Home Learning

We have added a new ‘Home Learning’ section, with links to each of the year groups – you will find the relevant home learning advice, homework grids, suggested timeframes and many other varied online learning resources.

Latest Parent Letter (27th August) – September Return To School

Should I Self-Isolate?

It is also important to self-isolate if you, your children or anyone you have been in close contact with has a high temperature or shows other symptoms of the virus. If you are in any doubt then our advice is to call 111 and they will advise you further. If you or a member of your family is coughing or runs a temperature then the whole family need to self isolate for fourteen days.

At present evidence is also showing that children are at the lowest risk when it comes to catching the Coronavirus. Children make up a very small percentage of worldwide cases of the virus and the symptoms are nearly always extremely mild. Currently it is the older members of our population who are most at risk or anyone with an underlying health condition.

Breakfast & After School Clubs

Breakfast and Social Club

We are aware that many parents work and still need wrap around care for their children. We will therefore be running both breakfast and social clubs from 7th September.

Breakfast club will open at 7:45am
Social club runs until 5:30pm
Drop off and collection from these clubs will be from the front entrance.

In order to run these clubs there will have to be some mixing of bubbles. However, we have minimised this by splitting social club into two smaller groups. Children will remain in the same group and will form an additional social club bubble.

These changes have meant that we need to employ additional staff for social club, the price per child has therefore increased by £1 per child. The new prices are £5 to 4:15pm and £8 to 5:30pm, this price includes tea. There is a 50% discount if your child is entitled to free school meals.

Children must be booked into breakfast club and social club at least the day before as we need to know numbers and ensure the groups maintain their integrity.

If you have any further queries, we are contactable by phone 01303 255516 and by email

After School Clubs

Please find below the relevant letter for each class’ after school clubs for the current school year:

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