Reading Recovery

owlWe have a qualified Reading Recovery Teacher who is teaching a short-term one to one reading and writing intervention. It is an individually designed programme that aims to accelerate pupils to age appropriate levels in reading and writing.

In addition BRP (Better Reading Support Partners) has served children in years 2 and 3. Better Reading Support Partners is a ‘light touch’ reading intervention for pupils in Years 1 to 6 who have fallen behind at their reading. A specially trained BRSP delivers a short one-to-one support programme to help them develop independent reading and comprehension skills so that they can make faster progress and catch up with their peers.

Last year it supported 16 children enabling them to make rapid progress with their reading skills. 78% of the children made 5 levels progress in 10 weeks. One child made 14 levels progress.

We have also continued with the talking partners programme which provided support for 6 children last year.

This programme is an invaluable intervention especially for children with EAL (English as an additional language) and children from language impoverished backgrounds, as it helps them with their oral language which is a vital part of learning to read.

Due to the success of various implementations throughout the school which encourage children’s oral language and questioning skills it will only be necessary to take 3 children next year on this intervention.

During this last year the staff have been implementing the inference training they have been given. Inference training is a group intervention for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who decode adequately but fail to get full meaning and enjoyment from their reading. Evidence suggests that this applies to one in ten pupils. Therefore by giving the necessary children extra support with inference we are ensuring that we are giving them more control and insight in their reading.

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